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Monday, June 16, 2008

Howson on 1460 mid-day show

I just finished listening to the replay of Scott Howson on the 1460 the Fan mid-day show. Here are the highlights:

* Thinks we'll be making the 6th overall selection
* When asked if any other "big names" like Marleau have come up in trade discussions Howson said no. He then said he expects offers and his phone to ring all the way up until they make their 6th overall selection.
* Said they would not be adverse to picking Filatov is available. Said they've had good discussions with him and he said if Columbus picked him he would fly here and spend the summer in Columbus preparing for next season.
* Would not comment on Ryan Malone as he said he was under contract until June 30th.
* Said Leclaire talks are progressing. Expects to talk with his agent Don Meehan at the draft. Ideally would like to have him signed before UFA season but won't use that as a deadline.
* Would like to fill some holes at draft via trades. Said this is a good time of year for trade discussions.
*Feels more comfortable this year now that he's gotten to know the organization and scouting the same time he said that they knew there wouldn't be much activity last year so the big change this year is all potential trade activity.
* Asked if "the list" was finalized for the draft...he said its a living breathing thing and there will be changes. Expects to meet with some more prospects in Ottawa.
* Asked if making a trade is important for perception that franchise is making moves to potential unrestricted free agents. Said yes he thinks that's important.
* Said there are 4 top defensemen which I think we can all assume are the same four everyone else says there is - Bogosian, Dougthy, Pietrangelo & Schenn. Said they have a good idea which 3 will be off the board for sure by the time they pick.

Not a ton new there. I'd say there is about a 80% chance Columbus keeps the pick but I think there's about a 95% chance that 19th is a definite goner -- he will use that to get an established player. I did get the feeling though that if though big 4 d-men are off the board and Filatov is sitting there at 6 they will aggressively entertain trade offers -- just my gut on that one.

You can listen to the Howson interview here. Howson is on at 1:25.

Also something else I found interesting is that according to TSN the transfer agreement between the IIHF and the NHL will expire for all countries. We knew there was an impact on Russians as they were the only nation who did not opt into agreement but now that all nations will not take part how does that impact prospects from counties like Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovokia for example? Do they fall as well? Or perhaps this actually improves the outlook for a guy like Filatov?



Pub said...

I tell ya LTL...I am liking Filatov more and more every day. He seems like the anti-young-zherdev to me. He WANTS to be here. I would be tickled pink if he was our draft choice. Cant ever have enough play making scorers on your team...especially when you only have TWO!!!!!!

LTL said...

"Tickled pink".. that one never gets old..haha

..but then again, what makes you a hockey expert? ;)

If Filatov is on the board and the CBJ don't want him I think they have to at the very least trade down a few spots and maximize that draft position.

I wouldn't be upset at all if they grabbed him at 6 though. As the say, if his name was "Joe Smith" alot of people seem to think he could rival Stamkos for the #1 overall ranking.

C'mon draft -- get here!


Pub said...

Joe Smith huh? So your saying its racism!!!!!!!!

dan said...

filatov is the man. if he's at six and the jackets are at six ... and he's still around at seven, i'm going to be disappointed.