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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

With Malone parked for now...Marleau rumors heat back up.

That didn't take long - from the Ottawa Sun:

Sources say Sharks GM Doug Wilson would like to trade centre Patrick Marleau to the Blue Jackets before Marleau's two-year, $12.6-million (all terms US) contract extension and no-movement clause kick in July 1.

In return, Wilson wants Columbus' No. 6 overall pick in the draft, which he'd use to take one of the highly rated defencemen.

Sources say while the Jackets have an interest in Marleau, they might only be willing to offer winger Nikolai Zherdev, who is coming off a career year.

"Are the Jackets really going to give up the No. 6 pick so they can get a guy who is going to be an unrestricted free agent in two years and can walk away for nothing?" a league source asked yesterday. "I know they want to spend money, and they've got lots of it to spend if the cap goes to $56 million, but is a guy like Marleau really worth giving up one of those top six selections to get?

"A team like Columbus, as much as they want to compete for a playoff spot, would be better off getting one of those defencemen that can help them next year."

With Columbus' strong desire to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history and the fact the Jackets also have Colorado's first-round pick in the 19 spot, a number of NHL insiders think Jackets GM Scott Howson could be amiable to a deal.

I don't think Howson would go the 6th overall for reasons stated above but a deal packaged around the 19th I think he takes and runs.

Yeah I know he had a bad year last year with only 48 points. I know he's signed for 6+ mil for the next two years. He isn't the perfect fit but I doubt we are going to find perfect to fill that #1 center hole.

The two biggest names available for center out there seem to be Marleau and Jokinen. Portzline said the Jackets have no interest in Jokinen so even though I'm no math major or anything I'm pretty sure that leaves the 28 year old 6'2" 220 lbr Marleau as a target.

Personally I'd still rather target two younger guys like a Vermette and/or Umberger but if we can land Marleau without giving up the 6th its going to be hard to agrue with that move.

July 1st comes along this team could start looking a lot more attractive to a guy like Malone who we can then throw money at:

Nash Marleau Malone
Zherdev XXX Modin

* note XXX could be Brassard

That would be a good start.

If the Marleau deal goes down don't look for it any sooner than Friday and perhaps not even until the draft kicks off. I think Ron Wilson will hold out as long as he can to see if he can pry that 6th overall loose but I really don't think Howson gives it up for him. If Wilson can't find a better deal I think he will have to settle for the 19th + something if it goes down with the Jackets.

It also wouldn't suprise me if the Jackets throw another pick into the mix as the Sharks don't have any picks within the first 3 rounds of this draft.

Lots of smoke with Marleau to the Jackets over the past few weeks. Could there really be a fire here? We'll know in less than 2 days.



Neal said...

" less than two days." Maybe I've been reading up about the draft and trade rumors too much? But damn, the last 3 or 4 weeks have been slow.

wizworm said...

It sounds like Marleau is very close to becoming a Jacket... and thankfully it doesn't include the 6h pick...

"Angus here... from a contact in Ottawa at the draft it looks like Marleau is heading to Columbus (or very close to). The 19th pick has been rumored to be the return, along with a player. My guess would be Zherdev and that pick for Marleau. Stay tuned..."

It's about the 7th post down.

Rick said...

6th pick? No Way! 19th & a player to be named...possibly. As much as I'd love to see the immediate help Marleau could give us, Howson doesn't need to throw away top picks on a short (possibly 2 yrs.) return in investment.

I do believe that this is the year that will start making C-Bus look attractive to other top players in the years to come. I have put alot of confidence (hopefully not misplaced) in Howsons' ability to draft, trade & sign much better than the management has in the past.