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Monday, June 2, 2008

Marleau to Columbus for 6th overall + Zherdev?

That is what this article is reporting as a potential deal:

So let me add this to the mix: An NHL source — not connected with either team — advises that the Sharks and Columbus are indeed close to a deal. San Jose would send Marleau and another player (unspecified) to the Blue Jackets for their first-round draft pick — 6th overall in the NHL entry draft later this month — and right wing Nikolai Zherdev.

That would certainly register as a blockbuster.

Okay I've thought about it and I would not do it. Not with the 6th.

I just don't think Marleau is worth the 6the overall + Zherdev. Not in this draft.

Admittedly the unknown add on from San Jose might change my view but I doubt it as I don't see San Jose willing to throw much more of value in on this deal.

Bottom line for me is I think we could get a better player for the 6th if we wanted to move it especially in a package deal. Marleau is good and certainly worth a good return but he's only signed for 2 more years and could very well walk as a UFA at that point.

I would package Z plus the 19th and maybe another asset for Marleau and that is as far as I would go.

Instead I think I'd take my chances using other assets to obtain maybe two #2 centers like an Umberger and Vermette both of whom are younger, cheaper and had 50+ points last season. Marleau, who is 29, had just 48 points last year and was a -19. He's scheduled to make 6.3 million the next two seasons. Its a big risk to give up those kinds of assets only to have him produce those kinds of numbers.

Getting two top 6 guys like an Umberger/Vermette/Lombardi types may not carry the same "shock and awe" value a Marleau trade might but I think they would certainly improve the middle of the ice for us and allow us to go out and get more help but at defense and at foward. Plus it gives Hitch options should injuries occur.

If I'm moving the 6th I talking about a top 10 to 15 d-man in the league like a Kaberle. Or a young an up incoming center like a Jordan Staal or Jeff Carter. Guys who can grow with this team and will be around longer than 2 seasons.

Discuss - would you do that deal?



Matt said...


Without knowing that "other" player, it's hard to totally judge this, but I have to admit I'm interested...

Matt said...

OK, I shoulda waited to see the rest of your post.

I think the problem is we don't know who that other player is.

Imagine, for a moment, that this trade is about giving some fresh starts out. Zherdev from Columbus, and the pick, and what comes back?

Patrick Marleau and Jonathan Cheechoo.

All of the sudden, I'm thinking that's not such a bad deal.

pete goegan said...

I'm with Matt (and LTL) - all depends on what else is coming from the Sharks. The sixth and Nikki are available, but I'd want more than just Patrick and a throw-in for both.

Rick said...

Wasn't Federov supposed to be "shock & awe" value? Proven production is what we need. It's an interesting deal, but I wouldn't trade the 6th pick. To quote LTL "I would package Z plus the 19th and maybe another asset for Marleau and that is as far as I would go".

On a side note, I'd like to see any players we trade for 1. Produce & 2. Want to stay in C-Bus for longer than it takes to lace up their skates.

LTL - Keep up the good work.

googlewiz said...

We don't want Marleau. He is just another Federov, overpaid, underachiever who will be disloyal to columbus as soon as his contract is up. The only one we should be trading Zherdev and 6th pick for is Jeff Carter, but I feel that he is going to be resigned by Philly. Now, Kaberle is different, that would be an excellent trade. By the way we love your blog, thanks for doing this, we read you every day.

LTL said...

Hey thanks googlewiz! Your comments are very much appreciated...glad you like the blog and that I'm not the only CBJ nut out there :)

I also agree with your comments. I really like the idea of getting two top 6 younger centers - maybe not a clear #1 per se - but two guys like a Umberger/Vermette/Lombardi types. Then couple those with Brassard and if he emerges and then suddenly we are looking pretty strong down the middle without losing our asses on a clear overpayment for a guy like Marleau.

Lots of scenarios to play out. Time for Howson to earn his paycheck.


Anonymous said...

It certainly does depend on who the other player would be, but I feel like the 6th and Zherdev for Marleau is too much. In two years that 6th will be really going and Marleau will be packing it in. Although Marleau would be better than any centers we currently have, he doesn't thrill me. For the 19th and Zherdev? Sure.

It is far to early to be offering up the 6th pick. Wilson knows there are many teams out there who want a 'top' center and will be asking for the moon. Marleau has to be moved before July 1st and since it is only June 2nd, the temperature isn't quite hot enough for him. I am sure both the jackets and the sharks would like to get something done before the draft. I doubt Scott is showing his hand this early.

There are other, younger, centers out there who excite me more than Marleau does. Maybe they aren't quite as good or as big etc, but even if we get two number 2's we are still better off. I just think that 6th pick could be leveraged for more. Easy for us to say when we aren't the ones making the calls. In the end, I feel like Howson will make our team better in the next few weeks/months.

Neal said...

Aaron Portzline is reporting, "The rumor over the weekend was Nikolai Zherdev, Dan Fritsche or Stefan Legein and the No. 19 pick to San Jose for Patrick Marleau." This deal seems much more acceptable to me vs. giving up #6. Of course, unknown player makes it tough to make a fair assessment.

Portzline also speculats that trading Marleau pretty much takes Brian Campbell off the market. While that hurts, let's face it, the CBJ are not the only team interested in Marleau. If the Sharks want to move Marleau so they can resign Campbell they'll find a trading partner. Howson is wise to see if the CBJ can be that trading partner. Marleau (at the right price) is better than no Marleau; no Campbell.

Anonymous said...

We'd be smoking crack to want Marleau. Dougie Mac maybe, but Howson actually has a clue. No way this happens.