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Monday, June 16, 2008

Look familiar?

Was reading this over -- basically this author compares NHL teams to movies -- here is what they had to say about the Jackets:

ColumbusMovie: Semi-ProPlot Summary: Under their first full year of (Ken) Hitchcockian direction, the Blue Jackets took a giant step forward. Now they've only got about six more to take before they shed the "perennial pretender" label once and for all.Real Review: "...a mess, but it's a likable one." - Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

Now if you recall I put something similar together way back in January however it was in reference to the Jackets players. A flashback to that post:

Nash - "The Incredibles" - goal of the year - 'nuff said

Zherderv - "Transformers" - from how he played last season to this season, I'd say this blockbuster is the perfect fit

Vyborny - "Dr Doolittle" - pretty much what he's done all year and that's very little

Malhotra - "Goodfellas" - seems like a likable guy..was gonna put "Heat" though b/c I think he's under some pressure to pick up his game

Hejda - "The Rock" - guys has been a rock on the blueline all year for us

Foote- "Gladiator" - big rebound season for Foote..he hasn't missed a game and has gotten back to his punishing style of play

Leclaire - "Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - this guys has stolen a lot of goals from opposing teams this year including 7 shutouts...of course he also looks like "The Grinch".

Boll - "Rocky" - leads the league in fights, 2nd in PIMs....this guy can do more than just punch though

Shelley - "Cast Away" - role on this team appears to shrink by the hour

Brassard - "Signs" - plenty of signs this kid will be the real deal and will solidify the center position for years to come

Modin - "Misery" - guy has been trapped with injuries all year but expect him to breakout of it

Russell - "Happy Feet" - small in stature but skates like the wind...slowly coming into his own out there

Klelsa - "What Women Want" - all I ever hear about is how the chicks dig this guy...title seems
fitting..oh yeah, he's played well this year especially the past month

Hainsey - "xXx" - he's been that 'x' factor on the blueline for us this season and is on pace for a
career high 40+ points

Murray - "A Few Good Men" - every team needs guys like Murray who aren't afraid to pay the price and get the job done the hard way

Novotny - "Any Which Way You Can" - this guy will do anything, play in any situation..whatever it takes.

Methot - "Sudden Impact" - when he got called up last year I think everyone was surprised at how well this kid played out of the gate

Norrena - "In the Line of Fire" - has done a decent job backing up Leclaire this year

Fedorov - "Dinosaur" - his best days have passed him by but he starting to play like he's not quite done yet in this league

Peca - "Fracture" - has had his share of injuries, including some this season, but has contributed most nights

Glencross - "The Good Shepherd" - just goes about his business and does whatever he can do to contribute to the team

Fritsche - "Crash" - either hits or takes the biggest hits of anyone on this team it seems

Chimera - "Speed" - yeah he's got great speed...but desperately needs new hands and a better one on one move

Tollefsen - "Hitman" - hits anything he can

Lindstrom - "Holes" - to many holes in his game right now to stay in the big show

Beech - "Gone With the Wind" - waivered, claimed by Canucks, now waivered again

Brule - "Changing Lanes" - spending some time with Syracuse to regain his game and confidence

Hitchcock - "Hitch" - that's a gimmie right? All I know is that Howson needs to extend this guy like thing to happen to the CBJ is right behind the bench

Noel - "The Game Plan" - just has been a great addition to the Jackets coaching staff

Agnew - "Somethings Gotta Give" - this powerplay was a wreck for most of the year, but appears to finally be back on track

Murphy - "Unbreakable" - dude must be solid b/c he's still employed by the Jackets after all the turnover

Marlachuk - "Miracle" - seriously, first Luongo and now Leclaire... I am starting to believe this guy is a miracle workers..

Howson - "The Emperor's New Groove" - got to say he's been a refreshing change of pace for this franchise.

Gare - "Analyze This" - just stay away from the telestrator Gare!

Mathews - "Spanglish" - because most of the time I have no idea what he's saying

Rimer - "Talk To Me" - Rimer never met a microphone or person he didn't like

Davidge - "Anaylyze That" - does the same thing as Gare except on radio side

The fans - "Cliffhanger" - its been quite a wild ride so far this season!

John H. McConnell - "As Good As It Gets" - I'm forever thankful he brought this city this franchise - thank you J-Mac!


Unfortunately I think we could add a few more "Gone With the Winds" to that list now -- Foote, Feds, Vbyborny, Shelley...

..or how about "Gone Baby Gone"...!


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