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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiving goodbye

Its certainly that time of year.

The NHL buyout period kicked off June 15th and concludes on the 30th. Now that the draft has concluded teams are starting to make some moves first starting with waivers and then if players aren't claimed and are signed they will be bought out.

List of waivers thus far:

Ray Emery, Marc Denis, Kyle Wellwood, Andrew Raycroft, David Tanabe, Jeff Hamilton, Ben Clymer & Josef Stumpel

With more to come I'm sure.

The only name that sparked any interest to me thus far (well besides seeing Marc Denis' spectacular fall from grace) was Kyle Wellwood. Wellwood is a 25 year old center who notched 21, 42 and 45 points the past three seasons.

Not bad right?

If you listen to Leafs fans though he's overweight, lazy and won't hit a thing on the ice.

Still maybe the Jackets would take a chance given their holes at center? Maybe Hitch could whip him into shape?


According to TSN, the Canucks just claimed him thus since the Jackets were further behind them in the standings they had first crack and obviously declined.

The players hit waivers for a reason I guess.

It wouldn't surprise me to see one Blue Jackets name pop up on that list and that's Duvie Westcott. He's got 2 years left on his deal at 1.85 mil per and unless Howson can unload him in some kind of salary dump/swap I fully expect him to be bought out by the 30th.

Also any dreams of landing one Vincent Lecavalier (however faint they may have been *squish* *squish*) went up in smoke today. It was officially announced that Lecavalier has re-signed with the Tampa Bay lightning to the tune of 77 million over 9 years (or 8.5 per).

Lecavalier is 28 so when that contact expires he'll be 37 which will pretty much make him a Lightning for life.

If I'm handing out long term deals he's certainly one guy I'd pony up the dough for. I'm also sure that deal is top heavy the first 4 to 5 years and then lowers from there.

I like the Lightning's offseason so far. They added Stamkos, signed Prospal to a very cap friendly 4 year deal and then got their franchise player signed for life. I don't really get the Melrose hire but from a player personel standpoint it seems they are moving in the right direction.



puckeye said...

I don't see the need to buy out Duvie and would like him to get a chance to compete for a spot. He handled his demotion last year with class and provided a positive influence in Syracuse. If healthy, he certainly adds depth at the least and it's not like his salary would stop us from adding a UFA. He's been a loyal soldier and deserves an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

hamilton would be a decent depth pickup, and would probably give a "hometown" discount