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Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy night

Not sure if I'm the only one out there but who else couldn't drag themselves away from the computer last night? Its seemed like one deal after another. To recap:

* First we found out indeed Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts had signed with the Lightning

* Second my Liles hopes were crushed when he re-signed with the Avalanche for a very favorable 4 year 4 mil per deal

* Third we had the final conclusion in "Foote-gate" when he indeed took a pay cut to sign with his beloved Avalance and in return the Jackets get a 4th round pick. Puck-rakers, like many of us, couldn't resist the temptation at one last shot across 'The Captain's' bow here.

* Fourth the Lightning continue their boldness this offseason in trading for the rights to Brian Rolston. So far I have not seen a confirmation of whether or not Roslton has been signed. The last I saw was that at this point he was waiting until July 1st -- of course where have we heard that one before?

* Finally the weirdest and most unexpected move of the night came when the Edmonton Oilers shipped Jaret Stoll and Mike Greene for the LA Kings for defensemen Lubomir Visnovski. I still really don't get that trade from either side (except for the obvious salary dump by LA) but what that immediately told me is that Joni Pitkanen will be dealt and I hope to gawd that Howson makes a play for this guy.

Crazy night indeed.

I'm sure I echo a lot of Jacket fans when I say -- damn it, where are our moves?

I think this team could desperately use another trade before Free Agency starts. I think Howson may be underrating how far down this organization is on the pecking chart in terms of NHL destinations.

Only team to never make the playoffs. Worst average record in the entire NHL they entered the league. Highest average draft pick.


Yes we took some much needed steps last year under the direction of Hitch/Howson. That should most definitely help the perception of this franchise but I just think this team could use
another deal to really help boost its chances of landing the guys they want on July 1st.

We know we've got the money to spend but we need some dance partners.

I'm sure Howson wants to keep as many dollars available for free agents as possible and then if he doesn't get the holes filled there look to trades and *gulp* offer sheets. To me if a trade is there now I think you pull the trigger as there will be other teams who miss out on guys and then before you know it your in another bidding war.

Just about 24 hours to go to UFA kicks off! I would expect more wheeling and dealing today.

Discuss - are you feeling optimistic, pesimistic or neutral in terms of free agent pickups? Do ou think Howson should hold off on trades prior to free agency?



Matt said...

I'd say I was pretty optimistic until around Wednesday of this week, and it just keeps getting darker and darker every time I turn around...

Todd G said...

I echo that sentiment Matt. I'm not feeling that great about making the "splash" Howson kept talking about. Morrison is nice and could pay huge dividends but whose to say that we will even be able to sign him. I believe we will have to overpay Redden to make that "splash". I'm all for a trade. It's time to give up on some of the younger guys (not sure who at this point) but who is willing to take them...nothing to do now but wait and watch.

Skraut said...

I'm getting pretty bummed out honestly. I don't think it's anything Howson can do either. Who wants to come play in Columbus?

With Foote signing for less to not play here is a clear warning to UFA's,
* So are Fedorov's comments about playing with Hitch,
* Malone getting vocal about not wanting to have his rights traded when Columbus was the speculated destination, yet signing the contract when he gets traded to Tampa
* Hell even our own friggin beat writers writing about the possibilities that the team will be relocated JUST DAYS before free agency opens,


I'd say just simply play the kids, but we can't, we have to get to the cap floor. So here's the plan.

Sign Jody Shelley to the League Maximum as a way of saying thanks (and getting to the cap floor). Put him in the pressbox, Play the Kids.

Then again, I'm probably doing as much to hurt our cause by posting this message as the other ones I mentioned above.

LTL said...

"Sign Jody Shelley to the max".. haha.. your killin me Skraut...! :)


Sean said...

I'll have to agree and say that this is getting frightening. I don't typically advocate that we do something just to do something, but where are the press conferences? The silver lining with last night came when the story started to involve Edmonton which hopefully gets Howson's foot a little further in the door.

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Geesh, can we just give the man a chance to make some moves? It isn't even July 1 and the moaning and complaining are hillarious!

Scott Howson said he would do all he can to improve the team, so...

Let's sit back and see what he does. There is the RFA avenue to explore, UFA's, possible trades to be made with teams who want to recoup some assests for players they can't fit under their cap, there is indeed a lot of work to do, but we need to wait to see what happens.

Just look at the COlumbus Crew, everyone was saying how they can't make a move, no one wants to come to COlumbus, and here they are in a race for the best record in the MLS.

Let's hope Scott gets the player (s) he wants, but let us also hope that he doesn't throw good money after bad, just to make a move so as to appease angry bloggers who wonder what is going on. Sometimes the best move you can make is to not make a move so that your franchise isn't hamstrung for years in the future (ie Foote, Federov).

Blog-Rackers said...

All is lost.

Anonymous said...

Really i have to agree why would anyone wan"t to come here,we have Nash and and a good coach Yeah that will get you into the playoffs.