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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sportsnet: Malone close to signing with Tampa

This from Sportsnet:

A day after trading for their rights, The Tampa Bay Lightning are close to signing Ryan Malone to a long-term year deal that will exceed $30 million and Gary Roberts to a one-year year deal that has the potential to reach $2 million, Sportsnet has learned.

So that is either going to be a 5 year deal at 6 mil per or a 6 to 7 year deal at 5ish per. Either way thank you Tampa.

One - where is all this bull about "wanting to test the market" and this "don't want to trade a teammate" BS? I think its pretty obvious if he signs this deal the guy had no intention of giving Columbus a fair shake.

Two - we will no longer be overpaying for a competitive 27 goal scorer before allocating dollars to bigger areas of need including another center and massive upgrades on defense.

Three - I hope he's signed soon because I'm really tired with talking about this dude.

I like Malone but damn...I just think we can do better with that kind of pay out.

Update: According to TSN Malone has indeed signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning for 7 years - no confirmation yet on the amount but if its 30 million as speculated then it will be on average 5 mil per season.

7 years? I'm sorry but that is absolutely rediculous. I'm sooo glad Howson didn't get a chance to make that kind of mistake - not that he would have. Can't wait to hear the amount.

Update: Check this out -- Dan Boyle is now rumored to be shopped according to Sportsnet:

FOUR months after the Lightning signed Dan Boyle to a six- year contract extension worth $6.67 million per that includes a full no-trade clause through 2011-12, guess what, Tampa Bay's new ownership is somehow spreading the word that the defenseman is available in a trade.

Not sure how Tampa could convince Boyle to waive his NTC but now he is a guy I think the Jackets could desperately use and would add much needed pop from the blue-line. We'll keep an eye on this story.

Update: According to the Tampa Bay beat its not quite done yet:

Someone who should know, who asked not to be identified because he did not have authorization to speak, said the numbers are in the ballpark. Still sounds like there's a ways to go, and anything could happen, but it seems as if the Lightning might have things moving in the right direction.

So for those still holding out hope Malone... to quote Dumb and Dumber... I"m saying there's a chance...

Update: According to TSN its a done deal. Malone to the Lightning for 7 years at 31.5 million. He'll earn 7 and 8 million in the first two years of the deal. It sure didn't hurt that the Lightning hired Malone's dad as their head pro scout last week.

Discuss - are you dissapointed we missed out on Malone?



Anonymous said...

I say, good for Ryan Malone...and good for Tampa Bay. They overpaid. I hope the reason comes out as to why he didn't want to negotiate with us. I now have a less-favorable opinion of him. As for Danny Boyle, if I'm GMSH, I make this deal happen ASAP if indeed TB is shopping the Miami University alum. He would be a sorely needed asset here in the 614.

wizworm said...

I'm torn.

Part of me really wanted to see Columbus take a run at him but if the deal is 7 years at 5M or so a year, than thank god we didn't sign him!

That term and dollar amount is silly for a guy who had 51 points last year playing with Malkin/Crosby. Yeah, Malone is a late bloomer but there's no way this guy is going to suddenly start putting up 65-70 points at this point. He's got a lot of intangibles that I think would really have helped Columbus but the term and dollars just don't make sense.

So yeah. I would have like to see Malone in a Jacket's jersey but I'm glad it was Tampa that overpaid for him instead of us. But what was all that about "waiting until July 1st"? That's what really pisses me off. It's a slap in the face to the Jacket's and their fans.

Mike said...

I agree with wizworm, Malone's stats may have been as good as they were due to being around Malkin and Crosby. Although being around LeCavalier ain't exactly dwindling too far away from talent. Malone can join Foote on the CBJ fans most hated list if he knew all along he did not want to come here, and just said that stuff to screw with us.

LTL said...

Good posts guys/gals.

I can't wait to hear what Malone has to say about this "wait til July 1st" stuff. I'm sure it will just be more PR spin but it sure does make you think...I know Tampa is just 4 years removed from a cup but they were the worst team in the league last season...

Howson certainly has his work cut out for him.. I just hope when we overpays its for d-men and a center before addressing the wing.


Anonymous said...

I think if Columbus would have offered his Dad a job then we would have had a shot at signing him..

: )

LTL said...

Haha.. no doubt anonymous!