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Thursday, June 5, 2008


According to Puck-rakers Leclaire, Fritsche, Lindstrom, Methot, Rome, Picard & Wilson have all been qualified.

Nothing to surprising here although I wouldn't have been surprised if the organization just decided top part ways with Lindstrom. Still the guy scored 60 points in 49 AHL games and had 3g, 4a for 7 points in 25 NHL games. Not exactly the kind of production you just let walk away I guess, especially when you can still own his rights.

Interesting is that Lindstrom did come out publicly to a Swedish paper and stated that (translated):

"I want to stay in North America , but rather not in Columbus"

Perhaps he could be trade bait or they want his depth. I can't really blame Lindstrom though as he's been kind of spinning his wheels in the minors the past two years as he can't seem to gain any traction at the next level. It will be interesting to see how he handles the qualifying offer and if 1. he accepts and plays in the AHL again or 2. he bolts back to Europe or 3. his rights are traded.

I will expect Rome, Wilson and Picard will get signed with relative ease. I think they'll give Rome a 1-way contract. Wilson and Picard will both get 2-ways. All on 2 year deals.

Methot may be a little more challenging. I can't see Howson giving him a 1-way quite yet. I see a 1 year 2-way deal and then they'll revisit things again next off season.

Fritsche is trade bait. I also think he wants a change of scenery and more money than Howson is willing to pay. They won't let him walk hence the qualifying offer and should he not be moved this summer it will be interesting to see what happens with him. He could be opt for arbitration as the Dispatch suggest and play out a 1 year deal and then go from there. The Jackets own his rights for 3 more years by my count.

Puck-rakers also states that the Leclaire talks are progressing. There seems to be some agreement in years but money still needs to be worked out. Here is Howson's quote on the subject:

"We spent some time talking about the term (of the contract), what makes sense with everybody. We had common ground there. We haven't agreed, but we're on the same page. So, now we’ll work at the dollars."

Its a step although I will hold my optimism until we get a report on if they are in the same ballpark on dollar amount.

If I was a betting man I would say the terms is 4 years. Howson will offer 12 million and Leclaire's camp will come in at 20. They'll settle on 16 million.

Stay tuned.


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