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Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 days to go!

Its just around the corner now. Only 5 days until the draft starts on June 20th at 7 p.m. EST.

The trade chatter should really start heating up as should who is going to go where at the top end of this year's pecking order.

The wild card continues to be just where will Nikita Filatov land?

Jim Nill, assistant GM in Detroit, certainly has some good things to say:

Stories are starting to pop up that LA may not be seriously considering Filatov at #2. A buddy of mine who was listening the NHL radio on XM called and said that was what they were speculating as of yesterday.

After Stamkos the story to me is Filatov. Will he go before the Jackets pick? If not do the Jackets consider him if they stay at #6? I just don't see how they could pass on this kid if the big 4 d-men go 2 through 5.

A story out of Ottawa has the Senators looking to move into the top 10 on draft day.

Assistant GM Tim Murray confirmed the club, slated to pick 18th in the first round, will try to trade up to get a Top 10 selection.

Murray admitted the club will likely have to wait until the draft gets under way around 7 p.m. Friday at Scotiabank Place before securing a higher pick.

Senators brass will spend the days leading up to the draft talking with other clubs, inquiring about the price for a Top 10 selection.

"Bryan knows we're going to get a player that we like at No. 18, probably a guy we have ranked 12-to-15 on our list, but there's a big difference if you move up into the top 10," said Murray following the introduction of Craig Hartsburg as coach Friday.

"You're talking about a guy who can potentially come in and play next year. I know that's not the most important part or determining factor, but obviously if there's a really good player who can step in next year or the year after, that's something to look at.

"Otherwise, we'll get a strong player, but it's going to be a two or three-year process at the No. 18 spot."
While the Lightning has made it clear it's keeping the top pick to take Sarnia Sting star Steven Stamkos, the Kings (at No. 2), Thrashers (No. 3) and Blue Jackets (No. 6) are all shopping around their high picks.

The story goes on to say that to move up into the top 10 teams, like the Jackets, would be looking for a roster player in return. The name that keeps popping up is 25 year old center Antoinne Vermette.

Vermette had 53 points last year and is buried in the Ottawa lineup behind centers Jason Spezza and Mike Fisher. He's also an RFA who could command more than they are willing to spend considering some other more pressing wholes, like goaltender, that need filled.

I'll throw this out there:

Columbus: Ottawa's 18th, Antoine Vermette, rights to Wade Redden
Ottawa: Columbus' 6th, Dan Fritsche

That would give Columbus the 18th & 19th picks in the draft of which they could move or select a couple of players to strengthen the system. It would also give them a top 6 center and a jump start on negotiating with Wade Redden whom the Jackets are said to be targeting anyways.

As the article elludes to though it would most likely be a draft table trade as Ottawa would most certainly want to wait to see whom is available at that 6th position before making any deal.

Keep your eye on Ottawa and remember that this year's draft is in Ottawa.

Also here is a good read on Detroit's super scout Hakan Andersson.

Don't forget to check out the Dispatch CBJ coverage to today. A couple of good reads regarding Howson's big week ahead and Bob Hunter weighs in saying the Jackets need to be prepared to deal anyone if it improves the team now.

I like this quite from President Mike Priest:

"Scott doesn't feel the pressure to do something just for the sake of doing it," Priest said. "But I know he's got a lot of possibilities to consider right now, and it's an exciting time for the franchise.

"(Ownership) is ready to step up for what it takes if the asset is available."

Its good to hear ownership is commited to doing what it takes to bring a winner next season. Its up to Howson now to piece it together.



Anonymous said...

"Scott doesn't feel the pressure to do something just for the sake of doing it," Priest said. "But I know he's got a lot of possibilities to consider right now, and it's an exciting time for the franchise."

Yeah right Priest!!!

You on on him like white on rice and you know it! Scott is being very prudent to be patient. I fear that he might out-patient everyone and we come up empty just like at the deadline.

Sean said...

I checked your earlier blog post about Wade Redden from Feb. 9th. That would be a solid trade; rights to Malone and Redden to ensure that we get two players we really want before July 1. You really think they would take #6 and Fritsche, though? I guess I hadn't thought the #6 pick was that valuable. Why not make things REALLY interesting and throw Brule at the deal and really liquidate some assets.

Is there room for Zherdev if we get Malone and Vermette? Does Ottawa need a Defenseman (aka the 6th pick) that badly?

Douglas said...

I was pumped to hear that Ottawa was interested in trading up... first thing I thought was "Oh sweet they have got some goods worth trading for!" :D

Man, any way you slice it, the first six picks in this draft are going to be exciting! Not to mention I feel like our options with the #6 put us in a win-win-win-win scenario...

Anonymous said...

It would be absolutely disadvantageous trade. Danny is very good player, only he have not got many chances. This draft is excelent and where is written Redden will sign with us and not with other team. If Ottawa want someone trade only Anton VolĨenkov.

P.S. Ekcelent blog LTL ;).