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Friday, June 13, 2008

Blue biscuits

Was checking out Blue Jackets TV and for those interested, they have a 8 minute interview with Scott Howson up from June 7th. There were some interesting nuggets shared -- mostly stuff we have already heard:

* Said they are in no rush to get Pascal Leclaire signed by July 1st. Said they won't use that as a deadline that would force them into a bad deal. He doesn't forsee though any scenario where Leclaire isn't a Blue Jacket next season.

* Said that they will not move the 6th for short term fix. Specifically mentioned they would not consider moving it for a 2 year player. Looks like I need to change my 10 to 12 list

* Said they are open to any and all options to improve the team. Trades, free agency. Said they may move up in the draft in draft if its a player they really want or they could drop down while picking up a player that could help them now. They plan to be very active at the draft.

* When asked about Nash and his performance in the WCs Howson said it just shows what Nash can do when he gets some quality players around him. Said unfortunately we couldn't get a player like Getzlaf because there just aren't that many of those types of players but will get him some talent. May be an emerging type player that will only get better.

* Talked about Detroit's puck movement on the backline and how that was big key for them in terms of their success. Said we need a substantial upgrade there and are looking for 2 d-men and 2 to 3 forwards.

* Said they had 7 players in for interviews last week leading up to the draft next Friday. Did not name names but we know one was Luke Schenn and if you look at draft lists I'm sure it won't be hard to piece together the other names.

Like I said, not a lot new there. There is some new detail on the Leclaire negotiations and I love hearing the focus Howson has for the blueline. He is as aware as anybody the need for some puck-movers back there.

The has some really great interviews with a scout from ISS. You can check those out here.

Looks like Champps at Easton is holding a draft party this year - from Puck-rakers:

The Blue Jackets will host a draft party next Friday (6/20) at the Champps at Easton. I'm told Derick Brassard and Jakub Voracek -- two Calder Trophy candidates next season -- will be there signing autographs.

The Jackets website also has an official announcement. Its looks like 1460 the Fan will also be broadcasting love from the restaurant.

Still trying to track down the R Bar plans for the draft. As soon as I get some details I'll post them.

Another name to keep an eye on (whom I did have in my 10 to 12 list) is PM Bouchard of the Minnesota Wild. The Star Tribune had this to say about the 24 year old right wing:

As for core players, the Wild might be dangling Pierre-Marc Bouchard, a restricted free agent. The Wild has to decide this summer whether the team is willing to commit a lucrative long-term contract to Bouchard. As of now, it has not had any discussions with Bouchard's agent.

Bouchard can become an unrestricted free agent next summer, so if the Wild isn't going to sign him beyond one year, trading him makes sense

Not sure the Jackets would be interested in moving the 6th for Bouchard, as I previously thought, mainly because I did not realize he could be an unrestricted free agent next season. That's too much to give for player you could lose in year.

Still though I see the Jackets being interseted. Bouchard is young, had 63, 57 & 59 points the past 3 seasons and can flat out pass the biscuit. This is Sportsnet take on him:

Owns tremendous vision and creativity. Is patient with the puck and very elusive. Has the potential to rack up impressive point totals.

Needs to work on his play without the biscuit. Is smallish in stature and can get knocked off the puck too easily. Must work on his face-off skills.

Career potential
Top six forward.

He certainly has the type of skill our lineup could desperately need.

Two biggest questions I have. 1. Would the Wild even consider moving him to a Western Conference teama and 2. What would it take to land him?

They may be interested in that 19th although I think we would need to add a bit more.

More options.

7 days until the draft!!


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