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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to back to back!!

The NHL is getting "Mased"!

I don't think there is even a term to describe the level of play Steve Mason is delivering at hockey's highest level.....its just unwordly.

3 shotouts in a row for a rookie....he's hasn't allowed a goal in over 181 minutes... he leads all NHL goalies in 3 of the 4 major statistical categories... that is GAA, Save% and is tied for shoutout...unreal.

He is the Jackets story right now and with each stop the confidence that he builds for the team and himself skyrockets.

He's certainly not doing it all himself though..especially lately as this Jackets team is playing the kind of defensive hockey in front of him that they must play to be successfull.


* Mase..what else can you say about this kid? I saw that he was the first rookie goaltender to record 3 shutouts in a row since 1955. Wow.

* Jackets are consistantly playing the kind of game that will make them successful..especially on the road. There isn't a lot of room for error in the type of game they are playing but with the skill level available its the way they must play. Credit to them for getting it done on this streak.

* Secondary scoring. They certainly aren't breaking any scoring records but they are getting timely goals from players deep in the lineup such as Craig MacDonald's deflection and Michael Peca's quick wrister late in the game to ice it.

* Speaking of MacDonald... only 6 minutes of ice time but he got a big goal. I liked him much better than Picard in the lineup although that isn't much of a stretch.

* Jackets finally catch a break. Yes it was interference on Getzlaf but you see plays like that 10X's a game. After the hose jobs the Jackets have had to stomach this year you bet your butt they'll take it run...better yet they made it count.

* A HUGE two points against a conference rival sitting just above them in the standings... love the fact that the Jackets kept a 3rd point out of mix... they can't afford to give teams even a single point if they want to make up some ground.

* Got to watch my first game at the new R Bar last night..... believe me when I tell ya folks, this new bar is unbelievable if your a hockey nut... wait until you see some of the new upgrades Mike and Natalie have added in version 2.0! It should be open Friday in time to watch the Jackets take on the Avalanche... I'll certainly keep you all posted.

* PK backstopped by Mase was perfect yet again.... and it had to be early as the Jackets found themselves in penalty trouble.

* Its hard to really knit pick a team that just came off its second shutout straight on the road (obviously 3 overall)... they are doing a whole lot right... the Ducks had 36 hits to the Jackets 15... it didnt' seem that lopsided watching the game though.. probably b/c the Jackets controlled more the play.

* The clown from the OC Register. Wonder how that donut the Jackets served up tasted this morning... chump.

* PP 0-4.... as good as this streak is Howson has to get some help for this PP. I'm sure he's working on it.

1. Steve Mason.... just get ready for the All-Star snub know it will happen.
2. Jackets showed up with hard hat in hand and went to work for their 3rd straight win.
3. R Bar...she's a hockey winter wonderland!

The Jackets move back to one game over .500 and into a tie with Minnesota for 9th place with 38 points (Minny has a game in hand). They are one point behind Colorado for 8th and three points behind Phoenix for 7th.

Not a lot of time to enjoy this latest white wash as they face that 8th placed team in the Avalance tomorrow.... another big two Western Conference points up for grabs.

Happy new years everyone!!



Rick said...

Great blog LTL!!! That clown on the left coast needs to get a clue. As you said, I can't believe he gets a paycheck for that kind of dribble.

What more can you say about Mase?
"3 shutouts in a row for a rookie....he's hasn't allowed a goal in over 181 minutes... he leads all NHL goalies in 3 of the 4 major statistical categories... that is GAA, Save% and is tied for shutouts...unreal.(LTL)"

NHL Rookie of the Month (Again)?

Take your pick. Myself, I would choose all four if he keeps this up.

chunx said...

agreed... what a treat it is to see a real nhl quality goalie in our net for a change...

love our PK these days... lots of hard work being done... love # 97 these days... he has really shown alot recently...

man i miss brass and chimmer... we lack speed...

love hitch after the game... what do you think of mason's efforts...

hes ok ... lol

funny stuff...

its great to see we can hold teams off when we have a lead late ... and late in periods... thats what winning teams do...

i hope a deal gets done soon to help us out... even though were winning ... 2 goals a game is gonna do it most nights...

i hope they think about filatov after the world juniors too...

soon we will have close to a real roster back... that will be nice...

who goes ...?

i think we should package backman and boll for some help...

happy new year to all


JAL said...

Good stuff LTL!

No superlatives left to decscribe Mason, but you have to like the attitude the whole team is taking right now. Get Chimera back and possibly add Filatov, and we can throw some more skill in with the grit.

Open question for me is why Methot is continuing to be healthy scratch. Something to do with impending deal? (Howson denies this) Can't be that Backman is playing better than Methot (though Backman has been better on this trip). Possibly a disciplinary thing? Methot's mouth can sometimes get him in trouble.

Let hammer Colorado!!

A Shot From The Point

Anxious to see the new R Bar.

LTL said...

Good question about Methot JAL.

My guess at this point is that with the team playing so well right now...don't fix what ain't broke.

Rick - I think you have to give Mase at least the Rookie of the Month for Dec and you'd have to think he's leading the Calder race right now.. Still lots of season to go so it will be interesting to see if he can keep up the pace..

Like I said in the post... I'm just waiting for the All Star snub... it will be some rediculous excuse like Pascal got last year in the form of he hasn't played at a high level long enough... of course isn't the All Star game supposed to recognize the best players from that current seasson? They'll make room for 5 Red Wings though..

Maybe the NHL will surprise us.