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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Versus snub

By now you've probably heard the news that Versus has decided to drop the Jackets/Blues game on February 3rd in favor of the Caps/Devils.

The good news is that FSN Ohio will be picking up the game....the bad news is that once again the Jackets are used a floor mat for national television to wipe their feet on.

What happened to Versus being contractually obligated to show all 30 NHL teams at least once a season?

This is a ratings game and obviously a Blues/Blue Jacket matchup isn't going to rake in the viewers.

For FSN Ohio...heck, they probably welcome this news with open arms considering the Jackets just drew their 2nd highest rating (4.53) in history.

Its a long road to respectability for the Jackets... a playoff birth will certainly accelerate things.

This was just sent into me by Rick. Its a playoff probability site. Check it out here.

As of today this site has the Jackets probability of making the playoffs at 51%. Contrast that to the Predators who have only a 9% probability of making it.

Great site. Thanks Rick!

In case you missed it on one of my twitter updates the R Bar has a great new special. You can fill up one of these bad boys (pictured right) with 110 ounce of Canadian for 16 bucks.

I saw them in action last night and lets just say, they looked like they were getting plenty of use!

So the Wings have inked Henrik Zetterberg to a whopping 12 year contract worth 72 million dollars.

My opinion is that term is way to much and anyone who bashed Garth Snow for signing DiPietro to a 15 year deal better be doing the same with Ken Holland.

In the world of guaranteed contracts in a physical sport like hockey there are just way to many unknowns to throw out that type of length. Injuries, losing, disease, deteriorating skills.. so many variables.

The more important thing is how does this set the market for Nash? I don't see Howson or Nash willing to go that kind of term and that is a good thing. That's not to say Nash won't be here for his career but why lock yourself into that kind of length...? Both sides will want to commit but also have some flexibility for the future.

I look for a 5 or 6 year deal in that 40 million dollar range around 7 mil a year. That would take Nash to age 30/31 and give both sides some security but also flexibility down the road when who knows how things will look in this league.

Of course with this news, Toronto FAN590 couldn't resist their own wet dreams of acquiring Nash. They were speculating that Nash will want 10 mil a year and that Columbus couldn't afford him b/c of the young players they have to sign.

Utter and complete nonsense.

So let me get this straight. Howson won't pay or commit to his best player who is only 24 b/c he is worried about signing his young players 2, 3 or 4 years from now?

No way these guys actually believe this sh** they are shoveling.

Howson certainly has set aside enough cash to resign his best player and no way either party asks for that kind of cash if the intention to re-sign with Columbus is a legit one and not a "Foote" type back door ploy.

..but remember, everyone wants to play for Toronto.

With the way Nash has cranked up his play the past 6 weeks and has been the guy any thoughts I entertained of trading him have certainly faded. He's been fantastic.

The Jackets keep playing the way they are I expect a quick negotiation and deal on or close to July 1st. No way Nash bails when things are just starting to get fun around here.



Hitch Rules said...

Screw Versus! Another Bettman master strike - idiot!

Heck, not to worry - if the CBJ keep playing the way they have - meaning, they're playoff bound - Versus will switch another game, later in the season, and the CBJ will be featured. They're well on their way to earning that distinction.

Zetterberg - not sure how old he is, but, even if he's in his late 20s, that's just flat out stupid. As the dreaded Red Wings NEVER (dammit) seem to make a mistake, may the ghosts of the DiPietro signing get them, PLU-EASE!

Hitch Rules! Carry the Flag!

Hitch Rules said...

The Leafs - 40 plus years, from a sniff of the Cup, and counting...

Yeah, like Nash would want to go to that mess of an org, so that the self-proclaimed genius/blowhard (Burke) can leave that organ-I-zation in a lurch.

Hey Burke-y, Dougy Mac's gone, you can't snow this GM, idiot!

Buffalo Bob said...

Not to pick, but I keep tripping up on this... it is a playoff berth, kinda like the place a ship parks (I'm an former Navy guy)

roadman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roadman said...

HF boards reports that Nash's next contract should be in the 100 million range. Now get this, the person making this sage pronouncement is none other than Dougie Mac himself. Now how glad are we that he's no longer here but on the radio enlightening the rest of the world with his wisdom.?

Hitch Rules said...

Dougy Mac? I should have known - I forgot he goes on that particular radio station and "opines".

Didn't know if any of you remember his classless comments, after starting his interview in such a decent manner, about Mr. Mac - yep, same radio station, 590 AM...

And they wonder why his nicknames around the league are "the clown show" and "Capt. Joe Hazlewood" (Captain of the ill-fated Exxon Valdez)...

Good lookin' out, roadman!

LTL said...

Buffalo Bob... yeah, I've been known to butcher the English language... not the first time and certainly not the last!

I actually thought it was Kipreous on the Fan 590? MacLean certainly wouldn't surprise me. So glad that franchise cancer has exited stage left.


Max said...

Let's be honest, people aren't exactly scrambling to see a St. Louis Blues game this year. And the Jackets aren't proven. But, it certainly would be nice to get some more National exposure... I'm tired of seeing Sydney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins facing whoever every Monday and Tuesday.

Chimera25 said...

Check out the 'snooze'fest on the NHL Network today. St. Louis v. Ottawa, what a yawner!
The CBJ will make the national scene soon, jsut keep winning and the networks will come.
I envision a Versus telecast on either Feb. 24 v. Calgary or March 10 v. Boston or March 31 v. Nashville.

Chimera25 said...

Oh yeah, David Backes do your thing tonight and give a nice two handed cross check to the face of either Alfredsson or Heatley! Make them a little groggy for tomorrow.