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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jackets feeling a mile high

Man where did that come from?! Now that was just flat out fun!!!

I'll be the first to admit never in a million years did I think we'd start 3-0 on this 6 game roadie but damn if we aren't...and damn if I'm not enjoyin the hell outta it!!

Mase was great again tonight but he had a lot of help in the goal scoring department as the Jackets threw up a 6-pack on the Avalanche.

I recall many a long night in Nationwide when the Avs would come in and clean up in our house. My how the mighty have fallen....and isn't it fun!?!

Best part of the night for me... the new Captain completely outplayed the old one. Rick Nash was absolutely something.... he rang up 4 points including a clutch penalty shot goal (the fist one he's ever scored which is hard to believe) that put the Jackets up for good. He was also a +4 on the night and seemed involved every single shift..

That other guy... yeah he was a -3 with no points. Sucka.


* Another team win. They started off slow but Mase held them in as he's done so many time this season but then really came on as the game went on.

* Maybe I should suggest trades for Nasher more often... his best game of the year. He was reved up for this one and put this team on this back to the tune of 1g, 3a for 4 points... he was a +4, played over 18 minutes, had 4 shots and 1 hit. That is the play of a franchise player.

* I've typed alot about how with Brass out guys have to step up and play above themselves.... one guy who is doing that is Manny Malhotra. He was fantastic tonight... won 57% in the draws...was physical and "scrummy" (how about that face wash to 52?)...had a couple of nice helpers -- I mean that goal off the rush was all started by Manny skating the puck out and making a great play off the rush...something we rarely see from him.

* The top 4 defensively were really strong again. Commodore continues to rack up the points collecting a goal (off a 1 timer no less!) and an assist. I really liked Russell again although he didn't get on the scoreboard -- really skating the puck well. Heck even Backman looked okay... Hejda and Commodore each finished a +4 -- yowza!

* Of course we can't forget about Mase... they got one by him but he made all the saves he should and then some (how bout that kick save early on I believe it was Svatos?)... you could cook a baker's dozen of burgers off this guy he's so hot..

* PK perfect again.

* 4 wins in a row.. 3 straight on the road... I don't want to get too high but that is impressive.

* Offense... that top line got really hot and you saw the results.. Huselius with a couple.. of course Nash with 4 points.. Umberger and Voracek picked up one each and then the blueline chips in with one with Commodore's blast (he's got 17 points now btw!).. Modin and Peca both had some sweet setups as well.

* Speaking of Voracek... he skated great and was really seeing the ice well for this one.. loved seeing him get one.

* R Bar back in business... I couldn't make it over tonight but I heard that the place was packed!! What a treat those folks got tonight.

* Jackets took advantage of some suspect goaltending..finally!

* Jackets got a PP steps.

* Credit for the coaching staff for getting these guys "dug in" on this absolutely crucial road trip.

* Who didn't it from your a bar or restaraunt...when Boll gave Foote the business..?!!

* Nice representation of Jackets fans in Colorado...!

* Check this out... the hockey Buckeye's beat Army tonight 6-1 to earn a birth in the tourney final tomorrow night.

* Nothing really....I mean the 1st wasn't the best but they adjusted and came out like gang busters in the 2nd/3rd.

* Mase shutout streak ended... it was going to eventually but always stinks when a run like that comes to a close.. nothing he could do on the goal as it was a nice tic-tac-toe play by the Avs. One streak ends time to being another right?

* Foote... all I have to say is start getting your signs ready for Jan 13th Jacket fans and let this guy hear from the faithfull he quit on.

* Had to agree with the Avalanche fans on the play allowed to continue after Nash was awarded the penalty sure looked like the goalie made a save on that shot... Another break for the Jackets.. I'll take it.

* Me for thinking these guys didn't have this kind of peformance in em...

1. Team effort again and major points to the offense for not only coming from behind but taking over and racking up a big 6 goals.
2. Rick Nash played like a franchise player tonight and put this team on his back.
3. Steve Mason stopping 23 of 24 shots to give his team a chance yet again.
HM: So many good things last night... Manny, Huselius, Commodore and the entire 'D'.. Voracek..players sticking up for one another..and of course the R Bar is back!..

With the 2 points the Jackets jump over Colorado to 8th overall in the standings. They sit just 3 points behind Phoenix (ughh..that 8 points they gave them already stings) and Anaheim who are 7th and 8th in the standing respectively.

No time to sit and enjoy this one...especially with the bottom of the West being so tight. They play in St. Louis tonight and its one of those games against a team in the bottom of the standings... a team the Jackets need to beat. Remember the cliche -- don't get to high and don't get to low.

Hitch sounded pretty confident in his squad after the game and thought they would be even better tonight.... he also named Mason the starter which I think to everyone is a given.

3 straight road wins on the most critical road trip of the season and you could say of the franchise. Before this trip started if they would have gotten 6 out of 12 points I would have been okay with the trip -- now with the roll they are on its time to get real greedy -- time to continue their push up the standings.

Finally... the team is going their part in not giving up and now I think its time for Howson to do hisart p. As good as this team is playing they could still use a piece or two...namely a right handed shooting defensemen -- Kubina anyone? I'll have more on that later.

Until then I'm real proud of these guys and am serving myself a bit of crow for doubting this squad.




Rick said...

Do you think the team meeting they had after the horrible loss to L.A. has anything to do with their play the last four games? (wink,wink).

Outstanding game! The way they are coming together as a team and sticking up for each other is amazing to watch. Nasher has got to like what he's starting to see with "his" team. Me thinks that come July 1 he'll re-sign in a big way.

Carry The Flag!!!

JAL said...

Great win, nice effort, pieces really coming together. No major gaffes -- even the Colorado goal, coming after some indifferent play in our own zone, required a beautify pass and quick shot to get there.

Gee, I kinda hate to do this . . . well, not really . . . but who was the only voice cautioning against the rampant pessimism and "throw in the season" tone that most took after the LA loss??? Hmmm? ;-)

Go Jackets!!

A Shot From The Point

DJ Davy B said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have questioned this group since..... day 1. For the first time in a looooong while we see something. Its a good feeling and one I hope the players feel as well. I was so pissed after the LA game. After spending money on that debacle this group has begun to repay the fans. Keep it coming tonight boys. Baby steps with a big stick. I can't wait until January 13th.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked when I saw play stopped and Foote standing over top of Nash.. but was so pleased when I saw Foote had a bloody nose! Hopefully a little of things to come come the 13th.
Awesome work tonight.. the team skated with confidence and hard play. Nice to see it rewarded.
Rick - I think you nailed it... I think the room has come together and these guys have committed to one another.

LTL said...

Its nice JAL and I give you credit for sticking to your guns... I hope your right. Noone wants to see this squad make a run more the Jacket fans who have stuck by this squad for 8 years.

That said I still think they need an upgrade on their PP to get there.

For now though I'm sitting back and enjoying this run.

Rick - that is a great point.. I thought Brass's injury was the turning point in the season...well it may just come down to that horrible LA loss that finally woke these guys up. Either that or Santa delivered a can of whip ass in their stockings!!


LTL said...

Something else I wanted to point out that I forgot to in my post... the Jackets defense are doing a much better job of trying to get shots off quickly... Commodore had two 1-timers last night.. Klesla had at least one that I can remember..

That is key for generating offense.


Anonymous said...

I am really kicking myself for watching the Sugar Bowl over last night's game. But, at the same time, I love seeing Nick Saban lose. So it wasn't all bad.

I watched the highlights this morning, and when the game shows up in the Gamecenter Archives, I'll watch it front-to-back.

chunx said...

" I am really kicking myself for watching the Sugar Bowl over last night's game "

whats a sugar bowl... ?

is that a new hockey term ... ?

ps the boll smash job on # 52 was priceless...

i want to get a picture of that and have boller sign it and put it in a frame lol...

JAL said...

In all seriousness, LTL, I know we are all on the same ship rowing in the same direction. Right now, if nothing else happens, the road trip would be deemed acceptable. One more win, very good. More than that, outstanding!!

My curiosity is piqued by the call up of Mayorov today. With Picard already available, I wonder who might be down other than Modin?

Let's hope there is no let down tonight. Need to take a team like the Blues and take advantage of the opportunity when they are without Kariya.

Go Jackets!

LTL said...

I hear that JAL!

I really think it may be Boll just b/c he left the game early yesterday.

The way this team is going though none of these guys will want to sit out....