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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crank it up!

Watch this at least 10 times today and think dirty thoughts about those damn Wings!

Blue Jackets - Ladies and Gentlemen from Skraut on Vimeo.



Chimera25 said...

No HD tonight! Come on Fox Sports Ohio and Detroit!!!! I have to watch my CBJ take it to the Wings in Standard Definition, not to mention the return of Jason Chimera!

Max said...

Funny you should post this again... I perused Skraut's videos last night and watched this one 3 times... It's by far his best video! Hope he can make a couple more this season, I really really like this one! Jumbotron, here comes Skraut!!

Matt said...

Skraut, you have to send this to the CBJ. I especially love when it says "You'll be bowled over," and you have a shot of Boll!

Fantastic Work!

Rick said...

The game-ops people could definately learn something from Skraut. Mighty fine, mighty fine!!! Keep up the great work!

wizworm said...

That's some great stuff there Skraut! Someone needs to get this guy on the Game Ops payroll showing these clips in the barn during pre-game warmups and intermissions.