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Monday, January 26, 2009

Buyer beware

Check out this post on Craigslist:

I've got 2 extra tickets to the Wings game tomorrow night, and will only sell to a Blue Jackets fan. All you Detroit fans, go to hell. I'm sick of you people in my building!

Section 206, row E (5th). great seats on the CBJ attack-twice corner. These are my season tickets, and they're here for a reason... these are my favorite seats in the building!!!

Face value is $26 each, selling for $20 each. Can arrange for a pickup/delivery/meeting today if you act fast, I've got errands to run in the afternoon and might be able to drop off.

call me for best response

Patrick 614-###-#### If I don't answer send me a text message to this number.

ps... I'm serious about CBJ fans only. I will not sell my tickets to someone that even remotely smells like a Wings fan.

***UPDATE*** These tickets are gone. I am leaving the post up for another day, which I normally never do, in hopes of making you, the CBJ ticket seller, aware that there are Detroit fans out there. There's a hell of a lot of them. DON'T SELL THEM YOUR TICKET. EVER AGAIN. Steve Mason thanks you.

Atta-boy Patrick!

Speaking of Detroit.. don't they have two roster positions for sale tomorrow? (queue rimshot)


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Patrick said...

The best part about this is the guy who bought them from me wore his "JHM" hat so I'd know he was legit. There's a storm 'a comin', boys and girls, and that storm is the Columbus sports fan who wants to follow a winning team in the winter. This is the beginning of a very exciting time for hockey fans in central Ohio...