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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This guy has some balls...

A frequent reader just sent this in to me (thanks Kevin!)... its from Al Balderas who is a staff writer for the OC Register.

He writes a blog titled "Does the NHL reall need the Blue Jackets":

The NHL schedule-makers did Ducks fans a favor by having the Columbus Blue Jackets play at Honda Center tonight.

If you have plans to ring in the New Year, and they don’t involve attending tonight’s game, you aren’t going to miss much.

The Blue Jackets entered the league in time for the 2000-01 season. They’re still vying for their first trip to the playoffs. They began the day with 36 points, which essentially puts them in 10th place in the Western Conference, along with the Minnesota Wild and the Kings.

When the Blue Jackets were in town earlier this season, I asked some of the fans at Honda Center to name a Blue Jackets player. One gentleman said Rick Nash. The rest looked as if I’d asked them to recite the lineups of one of the Soviet Union’s Red Army team.

Truth be told, it might be time for the NHL to cut the Blue Jackets loose.

Ohio State University is better known in Columbus, Ohio (and a lot more successful) than the Blue Jackets. Even Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew has won more championships than the Blue Jackets.

I attended a Blue Jackets game several years ago and, true to form, Columbus was blitzed by Patrick Roy and the Colorado Avalanche.

When the Detroit Red Wings, or any other team for that matter, come to Anaheim, you usually see a cluster of their fans draped around the railing that overlooks the tunnel from the visitors’ dressing room to the ice.

When the Blue Jackets were here on Dec. 7, there weren’t any fans near the tunnel. There were a few Ducks’ fans.

OK, so comparing the Red Wings with the Blue Jackets is like comparing L.A. County to Orange County but I think you see my point.

If the Blue Jackets were to go away, I seriously doubt they would be missed. At least Ducks fans would have fewer players to try and recognize.

Now I have seen hypocritical before but this one takes the cake.

Now here is a writer of a team that was named after a friggan Disney movie who thinks he knows this league and hockey enough to sound off on who or what is important.

How many fans in Columbus could name a single Anaheim player? Ohh.. guess we should contract them. It couldn't be that they just don't follow hockey outside of their own team now could it?

Seriously...this guy gets paid to write this garbage?

Stick to the Fying V buddy and we'll worry about the Jackets.

Be sure to leave your comments on his blog following this link.

-Gordon Bombay


Jacob said...

Ah, sweet, sweet justice. Pride comes before the fall and such, I suppose.

roadman said...

CBK 2 Ducks 0.

Wonder if he can name any of the Jackets now !!!!


Stephen said...

Unfortunately if you look at the big picture, the disappearance of the CBJ could go unnoticed, which is why we need a playoff appearance SOON.

Hopefully Mason can be the miracle we are all looking for, and the team develops continuity.

Mattlund said...

I see...

So the CBJ should be removed from the league partially because Ducks fans can't name any CBJ players?

I understand.

BZArcher said...

Dear sir.



CBJ & Their fans.

Rick said...

Maybe they'll remember this name:

"No. 2 star: Steve Mason, Columbus Blue Jackets
The rookie goaltender did it again, recording his third straight shutout and fifth overall since making his NHL debut in early November. Mason stopped all 27 shots the host Anaheim Ducks threw at him." (Puck Daddy - Yahoo)

Hitch Rules said...

I wonder what that arse bag is saying, now...

Was that me, or did I detect a call actually going the CBJ's way? Wow!

Happy New Year, LTL gang...see you over at the Ohio Collegiate Ice Hockey Classic.

radke.9 said...

I saw the call that got called properly! I thought for sure they called it a goal! I was about to punch my tv when I saw Getzlaf holding two players back with his stick... then a New Year's miracle! A penalty was called! Great game by the Jackets (what I can remember). They're playing the textbook definition of Hitchcock hockey. Now, can we just get a tiny bit more scoring?

Oh, and that guy from the paper is a turd. Maybe I'll write to the editor...

LTL said...

I added the link to leave a comment or 12 on his blog.

Happy New Year everyone!


Rick said...

Just had to share this. You're getting love on the "left" coast too.

"If your readers want to read a real NHL blog, check out Puck-rakers, the BlueJackets blog at the Columbus Dispatch or Light the Lamp, a CBJ fan’s blog. Go Jackets!!!"
-From the comments to “Does the NHL really need the Blue Jackets?”