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Saturday, January 3, 2009

This and that

According to Puck-rakers Maksim Mayorov is on his way to join the team for his first cup of coffee in the NHL.

Couple of thoughts on this one:

* Is there anyone left in Syracuse? Got to feel a bit for those guys who dropped yet another game last night 4-3.

* Mayorov is playing better of late after a pro-longed slump. According to Lindsey Kramer he's got 2g and 2a in his past 4 games.

* Perhaps this could be an opportunity to showcase this kid for a potential trade?

* My guess its Jared Boll who is hurt as he left the game with a "lower body injury" last night. Alexandre Picard probably would go in for him but if say a Modin needs a night off perphaps Mayorov gets a peak.

Great game last night for the hockey Buckeyes. They put the hurt on Army early and often and routed them 6-1.

Of course my man-crush was re-ignited on Zac Dalpe. He didn't get on the scoreboard buy I can see why scouts love this kid's potential. He's got a protypical NHL frame and moves extremely well. He was strong on the puck all night and seemed to shoot or make a play equally as well.

The goal of the night belonged to John Albert. He was good all night but he had an eye popping individual effort that was pure highlight reel material.

That Toy kid on 'D' is very physical and gritty -- loved him.

The story of the night was the #2 team in the country, the Miami Redhawks, getting upset by Clarkson 4-2. I didn't get to catch much of that game but the report I got was Clarkson's goatlender stood on his head.

A bit bummed b/c I was looking forward to a OSU/Miami showdown tonight but Clarkson certainly earned their chance to play for the tourney champ tonight at 8 p.m.

I'm definitely headed down to catch the final.

The Winter Classic was up 12% from last year and pulled a 2.9. This has quickly become the marquee event for the NHL which was in need of an event to draw some casual viewers in. I watched it start to finish and it is indeed spetacle to behold.

My money is on New York getting it next season. As many have mentioned how cool would it be to see a game like that at the Shoe? 105 strong... Jackets need to get a lot better before anyone would even listen to that idea. Heck they only managed to get on Versus once this season. Still we hockey fans can dream.

Nikita Filatov notched his 6th goal for his Russian squad in the World Juniors as they knocked off the Czech Republic 5-1 and will face Canada tonight in the semi-finals. This kid is delivering and should come back to Syracuse/Columbus with a new found swagger.

As far as the game tonight in St. Louis...what more can you say than just keep doing what your doing.

If your like me and keep waiting for a let down (years of losses and failed expectations will do that to a guy) I'm not sure that is going to happend.. These guys aren't getting lucky here....they are playing within themselves and everyone has been sparked from the exceptional goaltending Mason is providing.

Second night of a back 2 back on the think for sure loss right? Not with the way this team is bringing it right now.

Be sure to check out Michael Arace's thoughts on the new R Bar. He sums it up nicely.




Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Are you going to the game at the Schott, tonight? I was there, last night, as well (I sat right behind the OSU bench). Yep, Dalpe's awesome.

Awesome (also) is the R Bar - WOW! What an atmosphere! It's bigger, better and REALLY has a hockey feel. Yep, saw Mike Arace and Tom Reed there, last night. Like AP, all of the Dispatch beat writers are great guys. The R Bar rules!

LTL said...

Yep.. I'll be there.. not sure if I can make the first game.. hard keeping a 3 year old entertained for two games :)

We sit up in the club section for access to "adult beverages".. they let you up there no matter the ticket you have.. just walk on up. We were in 208 last night.. probably look to do the same tonight.

Shoot me an email and I'll get you my number if you want to text me to get together.


chunx said...

sweet... i cant wait to see what MAYOROV can do ... i hope hitch gives him more than 45 seconds of ice time ... but i doubt it...

be killer to get him up to speed at the NHL level and then call up FILATOV after the world juniors... oooooooooooooh baby... that would be a tasty

Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Just sent you an email, with my info. Thxs for the follow up response. See you down there, and/or over at the R Bar.