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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who needs a Jacket when your this hot?

I'm going to give a quick recap from the game last night in a little bit. In the meantime I wanted point out all the coverage that has popped up on the Jackets the past few days.:

Puck-daddy's got em covered with his post called "Wait, when did the Columbus Blue Jackets get swagger?". Thanks to Rob for sending that one in.

Josh public has em covered with a great piece he wrote called Steve Mason: Chasing Tony O. has em covered with a read called Good times for bad teams.

...and if one isn't enough from you, Ken Campbell from has another article up called Who will claim the Calder?

NHL has em covered with a nice cover story from last night's win called Mason back to blanking opponents.

..and of course we always have all the great Dispatch coverage.

Life is a fun for Jackets fans right now... finally! Lets see if they can keep it goin tonight.



Max said...

Game was great last night... only problem is I forgot my program!!!! Anyone have an extra they'd be willing to give up? Email me:

Hitch Rules said...

@ss Bag Dougy Mac's at it, again! Here's the quote, from this A.M.'s Dispatch:

Former BJ Prez and GM Doug MacLean, now a radio show host in Toronto, took a swipe at Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Asked to describe Dan Fritsche, the former Blue Jackets player acquired by the WIld this week, MacLean said, "Hitchcock didn't like him, but there's not many young guys he liked. I mean, Hitchcock didn't like (Flyers center) Mike Richars, so keep that in perspective"

Can this jack@ss just please shut up, or die, or something?

Maybe blowhard can't distinguish between a guy not liking younger players, and uh, rushing them - i.e. Klesla, Brule, Fritsche, countless others?

Is this A-Hole an eternal bitterman, or what? Guess that's why he's nicknamed "The Clown Show" around the league.

Shut up already, loser!

LTL said...

The more MacLean runs his mouth the more sick I get that we let that ass hat run this franchise into the ground as long as we did.

Luckily it appears the damage is recoverable and Hitch/Howson will let the results on the ice speak for them.


Skye-chan said...

Thank GOD MacLean is gone. I shudder to think what this organization would be like if he was still in charge.