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Monday, January 19, 2009

Must see CBJ vid

Skraut has done it again folks!!

Blue Jackets - Ladies and Gentlemen from Skraut on Vimeo.

Download it here.

If you need a viewer download VLC media here.

Awesome job again my man!

Jackets need to hire this guy already!!



gsparky said...

Very well done!

Skraut said...

Video is up at Vimeo

embed capabilities there as well.

Rick said...

Arena game-ops personnel, take note:

Hire This Guy!!!

Awesome vid!!!

roadman said...

EXCELLENT ! Absolutely Rocks!

LoneG said...

Skraut and LTL. This is a keeper for the front of the LTL blog, if I may suggest. It definitely should be sent to the CBJ.

I'm glad that the CBJ community is able to see it now!!!

Max said...

OK, so I downloaded it over the weekend and apparently it didn't play right and made absolutely no sense. Now that I can see it in it's entirety, I love it. Can we play this before the games? Holy crap... Talk about getting pumped up! Skraut, great job!

chunx said...

WOW AMAZIN... killer vid my friends pumped me up bigtime... then i saw BRASS and cried a little lol... i miss watchin that kid play


pass it around as well !

be sweet to see that at games for sure !

Elisa said...


JAL said...

A lot of the videos we see on the CBJ Vision screen are produced by the NHL. In our travels to other arenas, we see the same videos, just customized for the local teams.

This guy is GOOD -- whether for the CBJ or the NHL, he deserves a job doing this stuff. Nicely done!!

A Shot From The Point

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for about a year that the Jackets need to adopt this as their goal song. As much as I hate Nu Rock, the song just flat out works.

Good Job, Skraut!

BZArcher said...

A large concentrated "F*** YEAH!" builds up in your head the more you watch this video.

Heartily approved.

Hitch Rules said...

Yep, Mr. Priest, hire this man!

Interestingly enough, I'd suggested this song to the PR folks, this past spring and summer - big surpise, to no avail.

Jackets Junkie said...

Awesome. Can he do one with AC/DC "Who Made Who"? I've been crazed lately. This playoff push is going to be like nothing we've experienced before, and I really feel like this team finally has the combination of talent and desire to make it. Fix bayonets! Go Jackets!