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Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't miss this Filatov interview plus much more!

Puck-daddy (fantastic blog!!) has a in-depth interview with Nikita Filatov. This is one you don't want to miss Jacket fans! Here's a taste:

How do you work within Ken Hitchcock's system? Is it hard for a creative offensive player like you to play that style? Other offensive Russian players like Fedorov and Zherdev had some problems there.

I'm absolutely alright. Look, I am still only 18 and am only starting to play in this league. If the system the team adopted is very defensive, it doesn't mean that you won't get any chances to score, or this system will in any way take away your chances to create chances. It's just a great deal of attention must be paid to the defensive play, to eliminate any chances of mistakes. But this doesn't take away from playing on power play and scoring goals.

I spoke with Sergei Fedorov a few months ago and he told me that he felt that players come over to the NHL too early now. That players don't often know what clubs want them here, for which positions. That's why players a lot of times play out of their natural position.

I knew somewhat where I was going. To be honest enough, I was even ready to spend some time in the juniors. I had that thought in my head, but I was calm about it and didn't even worry about it. So I knew and expected everything. Therefore, there will be no tragedy if I am sent down to the AHL again soon. I will take any decision the club makes very well.

How about your young goalie Steve Mason? Surely he is a contender for Rookie of the Year.

Did you see his stats? Just go to any NHL related page and see that he leads the league in save percentage, GAA and shutouts! Very impressive! And last night on the plane from Washington we were all talking about his performance. We even game Steve a new nickname: "Stevie Franchise."

Man does this kid have a good head on his shoulders or what?

Be sure and read this rest of this interview. Lots of great nuggets.

Now lets turn to from one promising Jackets to a player who never fullfilled his promises as a Jacket.

Terry Frei of the Denver Post fired back today in defense of #52 calling Dispatch reporters "gultess".

Blue Jackets minority owner John P. McDonnell did say on the record that Foote threatened not to play the rest of the season if he wasn't traded. But much of what we've heard about Foote's alleged manipulation has been based on unnamed and only vaguely described sources.

The grinding of axes can be heard 1,260 miles away from Nationwide Arena, and also from others involved tangentially in a league that loves gossip — reliable or otherwise.

Those who made charges about Foote while insisting on anonymity are gutless. This isn't "a State Department official," with tacit approval from above, discussing Mideast policy with the media. Neither is this something as benign as "sources" disclosing that the Jackets are set to hire John Doe as an assistant coach; this is "sources" making reputation-damaging allegations.

Incredibely transparent attempt to defend his boy resulting from yesterday's Dispatch article titled "Foote can run from Jackets, but he can't hide".

Sorry Terry, try again.

The only gutless one is the guy your attempting to defend. If anyone pulled that kind of act wearing a Avalanche sweater you know damn well you would Terry "Frei" him.

..oh and its McConnell...not McDonnell... shows how much reseach he put into this story.

Also Puck-rakers is reporting that Rick Nash has gone to the IR. He is eligible to play Friday against New Jersey. Derek MacKenzie has been re-called to fill his roster spot. Seems this "lower body" injury may be more serious that first announced..suprise.

My next qustion is who exactly is left to play on the Crunch?

Speaking of the Crunch, they went 1-1 this weekend losing to Rochester 3-1 on Friday and then picking up a 4-3 shootout win against Binghamton on Saturday. Defensemen Plekhanov had 3 goals over the two games.

Ohio State Men's hockey pushed their win streak to 10 in a row by knocking off Bolwing Green twice at their home stadium this weekend. now how them ranked 14th while Inside College Hockey has them at 12th.



BZArcher said...

Looks like the injury that's a little worse than we thought is Murray. Nash and Torres both sound like they're on track for Friday.

(The Captcha for this commend was 'anklebbl'. Think they're talking about Pazzy? :))

Rick said...

I love this tidbit from Puck-Daddy where Nikita Filatove calls out Steve Stamkos:

"But for him to score four goals in 40 games, I personally think it's a little weak."

How do you like that for chutzpah?

And how about Danny Gare tagging him with "The Russian Rocket"!!!

Carry The Falg !!!

Rick said...

How about this from our young Russian:

We even gave Steve (Mason) a new nickname: "Stevie Franchise."

I believe that's what we've been saying for quite some time now.

OCBFS said...


Great Blog, one of the best, for anyone that wants some "behind the scenes" insight on the jackets, saw a great show on NHL channel called "Voices" featuring George Matthews. It is on again tomorrow, 1/13, at 4:30 pm.....

Max said...

I loved the Filatov interview. LTL, when are YOU going to get some player access ;). Boy that kid seems great doesn't he? Passion for the game, not an ego-maniac, knows his role. As much as people will hate me I say send him down once the team starts getting healthy. Then he can "unleash the beast" next year...