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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Could Hitch transform Spezza?

...that is what Garrioch seems to think:

A team that would love Spezza is Columbus. The word is Ken Hitchcock believes he can transform the struggling centre into the next Steve Yzerman. Hitchcock worked with Spezza at the world championship in Quebec City last spring ... Speaking of the Jackets, they're trying to move D Rostislav Klesla. No takers ...

As for the Spezza thing I just don't buy it... I cannot see the Jackets taking on that 7 mil a year salary or giving up the assets it would take to trade for him. I'm not convinced Hitch would like the chance to try and transform this guy either.. If you recall Hich liked this guy so much that he used him as a spare part on the 4th line at last year's World Championships. Lots of skill with Spezza but I question this guy's drive, commitment and character...and for that price there better not be any question marks.

I do believe the Jackets would move Klesla for the right deal and I think there would be some takers out there. Klesla is a 4/5 d-man with a nice contract. Lots of teams can use those. The problem is most likely that Klesla isn't near enough in return to get the player Howson wants... i.e. a Vermette, Kubina or Antroprov.

I'll have more on last night's game a little later today.



roadman said...

Please not Spezza. Too much money that will be needed for re-signings (Nash) and sure sounds like too much baggage. Rather see Hitch work on coaching a lesser talent up, but someone who will better fit in with the "one for all all for one" ethic so in evidence with this team now.

Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Gawd, this guy will write ANYTHING (throw it against the wall and see if it sticks)!

Garioch throws a great party (at the NHL draft), from what I've heard, but still...

Great point on the character issues. Word around the league is he's a clubhouse diva/cancer.

I'd take Vermette over him, regardless of $, any time.

I thought, a week or so, ago, that offering up Russ wouldn't be so bad, but, let's face it, he's really playing well, and he's the only puck-moving defenseman we have.

Mattlund said...

Hitch did bury Spezza on the 4th line. The way Hitch talked about Spezza reminded me about the way he talked of Gilbert Brule.

Said both are "Finding their game" and stuff like that. Don't know if I should like that or not...

Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Wait till you hear this rumor from Ecch-lund:

As for Spezza, new rumours that Columbus may move for Jason. I have heard Nash and Leclair for Spezza and Volchenkov.

He's out of his friggin' mind! We give up Nash, a great character guy and the face of the franchise, for a character issue guy - basically, no one gains and you just hope (it works out). Un-be-friggin-lievable!

roadman said...

Saw that bit from "The EK" but I just figured.... consider the source and ignore it.

LTL said...

No way Columbus would ever consider moving Rick Nash for a guy like Spezza... no chance.