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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toronto comedy club

Here's what I picture when a "disputed" Columbus goal gets sent to the "War Room" for a review.

Respone from Toronto: "Dude, I'm half in the bag and just lost my it whatever it you want -- we are talkin about Columbus here".

"Hey Bruno, pass the biscuits"...

I mean seriously... I'm been meaning to hit up the Funny Bone over at Easton but why bother when all I have to do is flip on an NHL game?

That is now 3 games where Toronto has screwed the Jackets. Lets review:

1. The Minnesota game where Nash's tying goal was ruled a goal and then later over-turned due to an "inconclusive" high stick.

2. Then we move onto the Dallas game where Manny "conclusively" and "distinctly" kicked in a goal while flying through the air trying to avoid the goalie on one leg which would have been the game winner.

3. Now against New Jersey the Jackets had a game winning goal against them allowed despite a slow whistle and despite the net being off the mooring before the puck crossed the line - see this pic:

That is the at least 3 points that Jackets have had taken away.... those 3 points could easily be the difference in grabbing a playoff spot in a tight Western Conference.

This system is BROKE! Its a humpty dumpty after he fell. Its me after a big win on a Saturday night -- a total wreck.

Now the Jackets have themselves to blame as much as Toronto for letting that New Jersey game slip away.... most notably the failure to convert on 3 powerplay chances and get that critical 2nd goal. was also the first game since his injury I really missed Nasher being out there. We needed a big play from our biggest player but of course he was out.

Regardless, the Jackets have enough of their own issues to worry about... they can't continue to play the opposing team and the NHL at the same time because quite frankly they won't win.

Does the NHL recognize this or even care? Probably not. Not when there are biggest issues at hand:

"What will it be tonight boys.... five card draw or seven card stud?"



Max said...

Piss on Colin Campbell.

JAL said...

As we know, I am a firm believer that the Toronto War Room situation needs to be revamped with more specific rules, and that there need to be different rules applied in the rare event that only 1 referee is on the ice.

Neither thing helps here, though. Looking at the picture from an impartial view, you simply cannot determine conclusively whether the net is completely off the pegs or the pegs are out of their holes. The nets can move a lot without being off the pegs or out of their holes, and when the net tilts, the view from above is particularly tough. Methot blocks the view of the critical post.

Rule 78.5 (x) states that a goal is to be disallowed "when the net becomes displaced accidentally. The goal frame is considered to be displaced if either or both goal pegs are no longer in their respective holes in the ice, or the net has come completely off one or both pegs, prior to or as the puck enters the goal."

So, I still grudgingly think that Toronto made the right call under the evidence they had -- you just can't conclusively say that the post came out of the hole or that the cage came off the peg completely before the puck crossed.

Now, the situation should be different, through rule changes, but it isn't. We have been screwed plenty by Toronto, but this one was due to Koharski (not calling the takedown of Tyutin, or blowing whistle when he lost sight of the puck) and the setup of the system, not Toronto's decision.

Just my $.02 -- reasonable minds can differ. ;-)

A Shot From The Point

roadman said...

I still think that the call could have been overturned but that's a 50/50 call especially given some of the overturns they have visited upon us. It's not the goal call that is so egregious, is the lack of calls by Koharski as you mentioned. Then his arrogance to tell Hitch to shut up when he calls him on it. He is past his prime, and needs to be put out to pasture and make the world safe for donuts.

LTL said...

That picture looks conclusive to me fellas.

I've seen a lot less this season over turned.

That said, I'm certainly not surprised it was over-turned in our favor.

Oh well.. on to the game.