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Friday, January 9, 2009

Put your pitchforks and torches away for now.

Looks like Adam Foote will miss next Tuesday's game against the Jackets.

Bob Hunter has a great write up this morning in his rumblings on the former Captain that I must point out for those that haven't caught it yet:

Former Blue Jackets captain Adam Foote, public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of many fans, might miss Colorado's game in Columbus on Tuesday because of a triceps injury. After Foote went out of his way last week to avoid an interview with The Dispatch, which reported how far he went to force a trade to the Avalanche last winter, it has been suggested that Foote might be suffering from Blue Jackets flu.

Here's the way a Dispatch interview request went after the morning skate in Denver:

Reporter: "I'd like to speak with Adam."

Avalanche public relations person: "He is not here today."

Reporter, puzzled, having noticed Foote's children in the vicinity: "Who's watching the kids?"

The PR man looked around, saw the kids, disappeared and wasn't seen again that morning.

Later, the PR person explained, "Adam didn't skate today, so he didn't feel like it would be appropriate to talk."

The reporter made a bid to speak with Foote during the pregame interview period, which is mandated by the NHL, and was told that the defenseman would be "getting treatment" for "most of the pregame."

"I'm very sorry we could not make it work," the PR person said.


Any more doubts as to how the events really went down that day?

I would have alot more respect for Foote if he would just man up and own up to his actions instead of hiding in the rockies.

We'll get our chance eventually to show our gratitude.



Alex said...

I try and refrain from such language on postings, but the only way I know to describe Adam Foote is using one word: "p***y." Who cares what he has to say? I'm actually glad AP or whomever from the Dispatch wasn't able to interview him. He's a washed up, worthless waste of human air, in my book.

roadman said...

All I can say is, Kudos to SH for getting Max return. We are so much better of without him, talk about no heart, no guts, no spine. One would expect more. After all, he wore the C. Isn't being a Captain more than any thing else an integral part of the game itself. He brings dishonor not only on himself but to the game as well. Nuff said.

Rick said...

HUGE, Huge, HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mase = League leader in:

Save %

Carry The Flag !!!

Catherine said...

Jumping the gun a bit, I guess, but I noticed tonight that Mike Commodore was wearing an "A." First time I noticed and haven't heard anything about it before tonight. Glad to see "Big Money" is being recognized for more than his bad taste in drapes. Any info?

BZArcher said...

Commodore's A is probably temporary while some of the others are out, but I kinda hope it's permanent.

The team is really playing like a house afire right now. Tonight was great. Here's to tomorrow!