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Friday, January 2, 2009

R Bar set to (re)open @ 7:30 tonight!

If your looking for a place to watch the Jackets game tonight look no further as the R Bar is slated to open tonight!!

Our hockey home is back!!!

...and yes that's the dancin fat guy (Kevin) at the new bar!



tom said...

How much is Mike paying you for the repetative, shameless and free publicity?

How about the game tonight in Denver?

LTL said...

Never any shame in my game Tom!!

....and no hockey bar in Columbus will ever get enough free pub from me...especially since we only have one! :)

I'll try to get some pre-game thoughts in before the tilt tonight although I've been working more on a trade winds a-blowing post focusing on Toronto! Plus I'm headin out to watch the Hockey Classic -- so much little time for us free bloggers ...who unfortunately have to work and get paid once in a while to keep up our bad habits :(


Mary said...

I am soooo happy I never have to go to Garage Bar again.

JAL said...

My wife, son, in-laws will accompany me to Ohio Hockey Classic tonight as well, LTL. I'll be wearing "MUMB Parent" T-Shirt (Miami University Marching Band).

See you there.

A Shot From The Point

radke.9 said...

Kevin (The Biggest Fan) is the sexiest man ever. Are the rumors true? Did he get traded to Colorado, too?!

LTL said...

Radke.... rumor has it he is trying to force his way out of Colorado back to Columbus...

My sources over at say he is trying to orchestratee the trade through backdoor channels and rumor has it that their is a private jet on standby with his equipment already shipped.