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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Captain Columbus!

I've seen Rick Nash play a lot of games...but I honestly cannot remember a more dominant performance by #61.

..and I'm not just talkin about the goals... the goals were were great of course...but this guy looks like a man possessed against the he was willing this team to victory. He wanted the puck.. he wanted to carry this team... he wanted to be "the guy".

Now of course the Wings were shorthanded... but you know what.. I don't care. I have no sympathy for teams with injuries, suspensions or what have you...not after the adversity this Jackets team has had to battle through. 2 points in this league is still 2 points... and this was much more than just beating this Wings.. this was a big 2 points to get coming out of the break when the playoff race really heats up.


* Rick "the monster" Nash. A short handed goal, a PP goal and an even strength OT winner. There is your hat trick. More impressively is that he has elevated his game to a level I have never seen before. This Rick Nash is a guy Howson signs to a huge extension this summer.. this Rick Nash is a franchise player you do not let go. I love this Rick Nash! He completely carried this squad to a win tonight....and how about that hustle to get back on that late 3rd period turnover?

* How about that save Manny Malhotra made on that open net with a tie score? Save of the game.

* PP looked the best I've seen in a long time.. they were getting their entries.. tape to tape passes.. quick puck movement.. even scored a timely goal.

* Love to see a fired up Commodore there at the end of the 2nd. He also collected 2 assists, led all players with 26+ minutes, was a +2 with 2 blocked shots. How do you like me now Babcock?

* Even strength the Jackets can play with any team in this league and they showed it again tonight.

* Kris Russell. This kid is coming into his own.. rattled a shot off the post but he is just skating the puck so well... he's also doing a great job at keeping pucks in the zone.

* I want to give a big shot out to Jared Boll tonight.. I know he didn't get on the score sheet but he is playing some great hockey lately... he's finishing his checks.. carrying the puck well... and the thing I love about him is that he takes hits and doesn't get sucked into any dumb retaliatory penalties...

* Helluva crowd tonight considering the elements outside. Man..when these fans have something to cheer for they get LOUD!!! Loved Nash's comments after the game regarding the home town fans/arena.

* Jackets were a physical bunch in this one.. outhitting the Wings 25 to 17.

* Jackets got some bounces... this one could have went either way and the Jackets found a way to grab this one.

* A big..and I mean BIG win in OT to get this push off on the right foot coming out of the all star break. They are now 6-5 in OT game this year.. quite the turnaround from last season.

* 2 penalties against. The Jackets had to stay out of the box against this squad and they did a pretty good job with it in this one.

* The Jackets got away with some calls tonight...for once.

* Slow first period... strong second... weak third... great OT.

* What happened to Jason Williams on the point? ..and did Chimera play center the entire game?
* Voracek had a hot/cold type game. Couple of nice feeds to Russell and Williams... but also had some turnovers and "rookie" moments.

* Only 45% in the face off circle.

* Mason looked sharper and more rested in net tonight. Solid game for him as he turned away 21 of 23 shots.

* The so-called "Wings fan" I was talking to on the way out whom I asked what happened to Zetterberg he responded saying he played the whole game..and that he never got an alert from espn about anything.... okay bud.. keep representin the wagon.

* The dolt who keeps on playing those stupid movie clips during the games... dude, just stop! Your killing the atmosphere. While your at it get a new DJ.

* The photographer who wouldn't let the fans throw their hats through the hole in 108 at the end of the game.. instead of letting fans show their support he chose to call security... were the pictures of the staff cleaning up the hats that important?

* Tollefsen... love your physical play but dude has to make a better outlet pass.

* I know the Wings missed Datsyuk and Zetterberg.. but this team comes back to earth the minute Lidstrom retires... he makes everything go back there.. especially on the PP. He's a great player but I think its about time for him to hang em up ;)

* I don't want to hear any boo-hooing from Wings fans about only dressing 11 forwards... no bailout for teams who spend to the cap.

* Bummer Manny's point streak came to an end but that was a helluva run for him. Time to start a new one.

1. Rick Nash.
2. Big 2 points coming out of the break.
3. Mike Commodore salutes Mike Babcock.

With the win the Jackets move to 9th in the Western Conference....just 2 points out of 5th place. This West is getting even more tighter... I'll have updated standings shortly.

Great way to start this push boys! Lets keep it going against Ottawa this Friday!




Wally said...

Williams seemed invisible... then again, it took me awhile to realize Backman was a scratch.

Nash was great... in a postgame interview, he had gleam in his eye when he said this felt more real than it ever has before. I'm sure part of it is a player/captain selling the crowd on the CBJ, but you can also see he truly believes it. It's going to be one hell of a ride the rest of the way.

Dan said...

I was in 109, I know the camera guy you're talking about. Get a life bud, turn around and take a picture of the fans stuffing hats through the hole. Now there's a good shot!

LTL said...

Haha.. well said Dan.

Also agree with you Wally.. not a whole lot out of Williams last night.. I remember one nice move he had as he rushed up the ice... hopefully that new car smell isn't wearing off quite yet as we need him to be productive.

Also apparently Hossa missed that open net.. it sure looked like Manny got something on it to deflect it but I guess not.. hey, as long as it stayed out right!


JAL said...

I think Williams was quietly effective. I was watching him, and he was creating space, drawing defenders, keeping lanes open. Hitch had him down low on the PP, which will be an interesting experiment.

A Shot From The Point

Rick said...

Quote of the game:

"Your final score; Rick Nash 3 and the Detroit Red Wings 2".

Jim Day during Blue Jackets post-game show.

You gotta love it!!!

Chimera25 said...

Nash was terrific, but
How about the puck handling that Kristian Huselius put on last night. Unbelieveable, he seems to be feeling better.

As for the Jim Day quote, I thought I heard him say "Rick Nash 3, the defending Stanley Cup Champs 2!" Either way what a quote.

I'll be in attendance and making my first trip to the new R Bar on Friday. Can't wait! Go Jackets!!!

Michael said...

were you in section 108?

LTL said...