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Monday, January 19, 2009

5 questions with Nikita

This 5 question interview was sent into me by a New York Rangers blogger named Aaron. He had the opportunity to ask Nikita a few questions that he was orginally going to use on a Rangers blog but asked me if I would like to post them here instead for Blue Jackets fans.

Of course I jumped at the opporunity. Without further adu:

1. What was your initial feeling when you were drafted by Columbus? Being a top 10 pick you must have felt much excitement, but did you feel you should have been drafted higher?

Nikita: No. I was really happy about that and didn't even think what team would be better for me. just was waiting for that moment when I'
ll hear my name... :)

2. Were you surprised the Blue Jackets did not send you down to Juniors to develop and learn the North American game? You were drafted by the OHL, but instead you made the Jackets. How did that feel?

Nikita: When i was coming here..?

Aaron: Yes.

Nikita: I was ready to any desicion of the team. Even junior so of course I was happy that they didnt send me there cause my goal was to prove that i can make nhl team...but ahl gave me a lot...I mean helped me a lot.

3. You said the AHL gave you a lot, how so?

Nikita: Great team..very good league.. I really was growing there as a hockey player..received a lot of confidence..and I've learned a lot of new and very important things about North American hockey there.

4. The Blue Jackets have a group of young talent in the core of their team. Is the transition to the NHL easier when your playing with other rookies such as Steve Mason?

Nikita: Ya of course. We've got such great young players as Mason, Brassard and Voracek....and it helps a lot...but also of course very important role is on older guys cause they are leaders and we ve got such great veterans also so its perfect for young guys we can just listen and be learning a lot of from them.

5. The Blue Jackets currently are 1 point out of a playoff spot in the Western Conference. I know it is early, but can we expect this team to keep pushing hard toward a playoff spot unlike last year? And if so, do you think this team can keep up with the powerhouses such as the Red Wings and Sharks?

Nikita: Ya. I do. Of course i ve played just 8 games but i know that team is playing really good against strong team..teams..and also there is 40 more games to be not the last team to make play sure that we can pass first round of play offs

Aaron: Nikita thank you very much! Hopefully you have a long and successful career in the NHL. Good luck to you and your team this year.

My thanks to both Nikita and Aaron for passing this along with the green light to post it on this blog! I'm sure I speak for everyone who visits here when I say we appreciate it!


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