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Friday, January 9, 2009

Juicy nugget

From the Ottawa Sun's Garrioch:

The Blue Jackets had two scouts at last night's game. GM Scott Howson would love to make a deal. I'm just saying ...

Its got to be Vermette...

....just sayin'!

Also as most know by now Pascal Leclaire is back on the IR. Surprise, surprise.

What I don't get is this cloak and dagger stuff the CBJ has been doing lately regarding their player injuries. It started w/ Brassard this preseason with his "flu like symptoms"....even though we all saw him get hammered behind the net in the noggin.. Then we have Leclaire heading to the Cleveland Clinic for a "routine checkup" on his ankle.. right.. No real word on Huselius even though we all saw him get drilled in the head by a cheap cross check... Nash with the "lower-body" injury.

I know its en vogue to be general about injuries (thanks for this goofy trend Belichick!) but this is getting ridiculous and to me its an insult to fan's intelligence when we can all see the plays with our own eyes and draw the obvious conclusions.

Playoffs are one thing especially if a guy is playing through an injury.... but injuries will happen over an 82 game season.. they always have as its a physical sport... if a guy is out then why not say what the problem is? There hasn't been a problem saying Chimera has a groin injury. Some say it is to protect the players but I call bunk... if you don't think the other teams know anyways then your kidding yourselves.




Rick said...

Yer teasin' me LTL. Vedrmette? Really?

JAL said...

Interesting discussion on the NHL Injury Disclosure Policy can be found here

The CBJ are acting in coordination with this policy, and are also acting for strategic reasons. Injury information can impact everything from pending trade talks to opponent ice-time decisions. Also, there is some concern that HIPPA requirements limit the amount of information that can be disclosed about player injuries.

A Shot From The Point

LTL said...

They are within the rules which I haven't disputed but that doesn't mean its not rediculous all the same.. This is a recent trend in the NHL and all of major pro sports.

You know what do I take from the CBJ's injury report/updates this season:

Don't believe a thing we say b/c its probably half true or half the story.

Is that the message you want to send your fanbase?

If so its working.

I don't buy HIPPA or trade talks as reasons.

HIPPA - they say what one player's injury is (ex. Chimera groin) but don't on another (ex. Huselius concussed). I don't see the separation.

TRADE - if Howson moved a guy without disclosing known injuries no GM would trust or want to deal with him going forward.

I've been following this team closely since inception, as you have JAL, and I don't ever recall this organization trying to be so coy about injuries.

I just think it creates needless distrust to those that may care.

Most people probably don't give two pucks about this though... "just tell me when they can play" I'm sure is all most folks care about.

Maybe I should re-adopt that line of thinking.

On to Washington.


Rick said...

Yikes!!! This from Puck Rakers:

"Yet another Blue Jackets player appears to be at least mildly injured, and it might be the most important of them all -- rookie goaltender Steve Mason.

Mason was seen checking with the Blue Jackets training staff on at least three occasions this morning during the Jackets' skate in Verizon Center, before leaving the morning skate a few minutes early...

Knowing the people who run this franchise, they would not put Mason into a situation if he risked further injury. One game is not worth that much. So the fact that he's playing tonight tells me it's a minor injury.

Further, Hitchcock said the plan was to start Mason vs. Minnesota on Saturday, too." Portzline