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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Williams talks

It appears Williams might be a 1 year Red Wing, but it sounds like he's really tempted by what would be a generous KHL offer I am sure.. Personally I am somewhat disappointed Howsen hasn't offered him a contract, but considering our current roster jam it's easy to see why..

Furthermore you have to love the Columbus love, it says a lot about our franchise.

Former Columbus forward Jason Williams is part of a group of talented players still on the free agent market who would be a nice boost for teams looking to add scoring depth. Williams, who scored 19 goals last season for the Thrashers and Blue Jackets, is also a very useful player on the power play. The addition of Williams in mid-season helped get Columbus into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

I caught Jason on his celll for a few minutes today before he hit the golf course. He has a one-year offer to return to the Detroit Red Wings where he started his NHL career but is also weighing the option of playing in the KHL.

"I'm not going to close the door on that," Williams told "I know over there they're really trying to compete with the NHL. It's a great league."

Williams still has a home in the Detroit area, one he bought right before he was traded to the Blackhawks. He's renting it out now, and only lived in it for about six months before he left Detroit. The Red Wings would be a natural fit for Williams.

"I'd be going back to a spot I'm familiar with," Williams said. "I know the system they like to play - puck possession, good defense."

He said he loved his time in Columbus, and would like to return to the Blue Jackets but hasn't gotten an offer from GM Scott Howson. Even so, he had great things to say about his 39-game stint with the Blue Jackets.

"The guys are great, the organization is really turned around," he said. "Everything was first class there."


snappy said...

Like to see WIlliams' comments about Columbus and the Blue Jackets. Would like to see him in Union Blue for another year, doesn't seem like it will happen. Not happy to see him wear the winged wheel either. But, several Wings fans I know like Jason and would like to see him back. I wish his well whereever he ends up.

Wally said...

Interesting that he could hook up with the RedWings again... I've wondered if the "Redwings cheat on faceoffs" stuff he was involved with during the playoffs affected his UFA status (and was the reason no one picked him up yet).