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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Even more Zubov

CNNSI's Allen Muir chimes in on the Zubov "mystery":

No one questions Zubov's talent. The question is whether he can utilize it. Surgery on a sports hernia and a hip limited the defender, who turns 39 next week, to 56 games over the past two seasons with the Dallas Stars; just 10 of them in 2008-09. He last played on November 28, and while doctors have said he'll be ready to go for the upcoming season, they have in the past erred on the side of optimism with Zubov.

Still, in a league where Claude Lemieux found gainful employment after four years spent cashing pension checks, you know there are going to be some tire-kickers. Considering what Zubov might bring to the table, there should be 30 of them, but his agent, Jay Grossman, says nine teams have expressed interest. The Bruins (cap issues be damned), Rangers, Devils, Blue Jackets (where former coach Ken Hitchcock could really use Zubov's help on the PP) and Blues are thought to be among them. But none have yet been willing to pull the trigger.

I'm sure he'd love to stay in Dallas but should that not work out (which is the way it's lookin) and even if it takes pliers to pry my off my homer hat, I just can't help but think Columbus would be a perfect destination fo Zubov.

Unfortunately as it's been hashed and re-hashed at lot has to fall in place to make it work.

* Zubov would have to want to come to Columbus
* Zubov would have to take a reduced incentive laden deal
* Howson would have to find a way to clear out a veteran winger and that salary

It makes so much sense that it probably won't happen.

Check out this nugget from that same article:

Interest in Alex Tanguay is starting to build. The Panthers, who've lost Richard Zednik and Ville Peltonen, need a top-six body up front and were rumored to have signed the winger yesterday. Those rumors were denied late in the day by a team official. Whispers suggest the Predators and Blue Jackets also are sniffing around the speedy winger, despite his coming off a career-low 41-point campaign. He could be snapped up as soon as this weekend . . .

Apparently somebody forgot to look at our traffic jam of wingers. No chance.

Good read here from Lindsay Kramer about next year's crunch team. Check out this little nugget:

Syracuse will be hard-pressed to win any game in which the opponent scores more than a couple of goals. After MacKenzie and Pelletier, who is the go-to guy? Pic? Maybe, but as soon as he, or anyone, gets hot, you know he's going up. Mayorov is still inconsistent, and I'm hearing bad things about Legein's outlook on possibly playing with the Crunch.

Lots of speculation in that line but absolutely nothing would surprise me about Legein. If that kid thinks he's got a free ride to the NHL after the stunt he pulled last summer he's got another thing comin. He's lucky to even have a roster spot in the AHL.

He can't be that ignorant.... can he?



Stephen said...

Is there a possibility of an incentive based contract for Zubov? Base the contract on # of games played?

Not even sure if these type of contracts exist in the NHL?

LTL said...

Yep.. I believe # of games played is a incentive criteria that can be used for any player over the age of 35.

Problem for the Jackets is if he hits those incentives can they afford him?

As of right now it doesn't look that way which is why they need to move a winger.


JuneyMoon said...

If Zubov's agent is Jay Grossman, who is an absolute shark, and he really does have several teams interested in him, Grossman is going to push for a contract with the most up-front money and fewer incentives.

LTL said...

Very good point June.


eplagge said...

Very true June, but I would argue that with Zubovs long and successful career.. the money might not be the number 1 consideration.. I wouldn't be shocked at all if he makes a decision in the best interest of his family.. Especially since the monetary difference between the offers is probably very slight..

Pub said...

Sure that isnt Les Grossman?