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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stat of the day

According to this site, Columbus will travel 40,410 miles this season which is down 895 miles from last season. That is good for 16th most in the league - pretty reasonable especially for a Western Conference team.

Calgary will travel the most with a whopping 55,331 miles. Buffalo travels the least with 25,911 miles.

The Jackets will also play 12 back to backs which is down from 20 last season (which was the most in the league that year). Again reasonable.

Chicago, NYI & New Jersey play the most at 19 each. Ottawa and Edmonton have the least with 11 each.


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snappy said...

Good stats. It is just great that the CBJ are near the bottom in terms of back-to-backs. Last year't playoff run is even more impressive given the 20 we had then. I think the CBJ have a more favorable schedule this year although there are a couple of loooooonnnggg away stretches. The massive travel miles really begs for consideration of re-alignment in the league. That could be improved. We are supposed to be going "green", right? Might save a lot of jet fuel....