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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big day!

The NHL schedule release is always a fun day. The schedule is to be released today @ 3 p.m. and the Jackets are doing a live streaming schedule special at that time so be sure to check out their web site.

Here are some things I'm lookin forward to finding out:

* How many Saturday games? Last year they had a decent amount but it seems the Jackets get screwed quite a bit on landing Saturday games. Some of that may be of their own doing to avoid college football Saturdays.

* Road trips. Don't know about you but I always like to make at least one road trip per season. I made it to Detroit a couple of times last year and to Florida for the Panthers game. What will be the juicy road trip targets this season? One of these years I'm going to do the Western Canada roadie.

* Back 2 backs. If I recall correctly, the Jackets had the most back 2 backs of any team in the league last season. Let's hope that doesn't repeat itself.

* Eastern conference teams. We know the Leafs and the Penguins will be paying us a visit this season. Who else? I certainly wouldn't mind getting a live look at that Tavares kid.

* Will there be a New Year's Eve game this season?

* How will the Olympics impact the schedule? As RG pointed out to me, during the 06 Olympics the season started on October 5th and the break was from 2/12 - 3/1. Last year the season started on October 10th. Not a whole lot of difference so what that means is the schedule will be condensed so expect a lot of back 2 back and 3 games in 4 nights.

* What is the longest road trip? What is the longest home stand? Toughest stretch? Easiest stretch?

* This won't be announced today but I can't help but think about it -- will the Jackets get any nationally televised dates?

Fire away - anything in particular you are anxious to find out today?



Max said...

ugh. forgot about the olympics. That kinda screws with scheduling. Oh well. Hopefully I can get to a few games this season. Made it to 8 or 9 last year. Go Jackets

RG said...

I am curious to find out what weekend road games there will be. I'd love to make a weekend road trip!

Wally said...

Yeah, the wife & I want to do a West Coast or Western Canada weekend trip this year.

snappy said...

@LTL: Well, if the preseason is any indication, the CBJ will be playing less than an average number of Saturday games this year. Not that for ALL the home and home games in the preseason, those in Nationwide are midweek while those at our opponents home rink are all on either Friday or Saturday night. Ho, hum.... But, that is the preseason (so who really cares?) and who knows what happens in the regular stanza. Let's hope for many Saturday Nite Live sessions.

eplagge said...

Main concerns, back to backs.. and overall difficulty and travel times.. I just hope the schedule is a little smoother this year..

atomicphoto said...

Anyone know where I can find the schedule in iCal format? Other teams have the download link on their page, but I don't see it on our official NHL site. I need to start planning my winter!

LTL said...

I need the same if anyone comes across it!


snappy said...

Well, I was wrong. I am plased that 12 of the 41 regular season home games are on Saturday. Makes for a great night out!

atomicphoto said...

Yahoo! Sports has a link to an iCal version of this year's schedule for those interested. If my link above doesn't work, just go to the CBJ team page and navigate to the schedule from there.