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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackets pre-season schedule thoughts

Puck-rakers has posted the Jackets pre-season sched:

Sept. 18: @ Minnesota
Sept. 19: @ Nashville
Sept. 21: vs. Minnesota
Sept. 22: vs. Boston
Sept. 24: vs. Pittsburgh
Sept. 25: @ Pittsburgh
Sept. 26: @ Boston
Sept. 28: vs. Nashville

Couple of thoughts:

* 8 total games which is the same amount as last year when the Jackets went 4-4.

* How about the 3 games in 3 nights? I wouldn't anticipate many roster cuts until after that stretch.

* Love seeing Boston on the schedule. That was my team prior to the Jackets landing in Columbus. Wonder if we can get Ray Bourque, Cam Neely (a.k.a Seabass) and Adam Oates to come out of retirement for an exhibition?

* I would anticipate Hitch dressing as many regulars as he can during the home games. Thankfully he subscribes to theory that the home fans should see the Jackets best players for their hard earned money.

* As I stated before, get ready for the Pittsburgh bandwagon to invade Nationwide on September 24th. I wouldn't expect Crosby or Malkin to play in either as most teams are only playing their studs on home ice during the pre-season.

* Not sure about the rest of ya, but I always find myself taking these games too seriously. I constantly have to remind myself its just "pre-season".

* It sure would be nice if the Jackets could find someway to televise these games online through Jackets TV -- at the very least the away games. The technology is there -- they need to take advantage of it.

* It would also be nice if the Jackets would use these games as marketing tool. My suggestion - $5 for every seat in the house. Use them as an opportunity to get new fans in the door and expose them to the game -- from there the game sells itself and they'll be back paying for regular season tickets. Financially its short term pain for long term gain. Unfortunately the bean counters won't see it that way.

* Too bad none of the home games are on a Fri/Sat night but hey, it's just pre-season.

* Typically there is at least one televised game on FSN Ohio. Last year that wasn't the case due to schedule conflicts with the Reds. Let's hope that's not the excuse used this pre-season.

* That final home game against Nashville should be a doozy.

* Remember the regular season sched comes out on Wed.

* Please hockey gods... NO SIGNIFICANT INJURIES!!



Andrew said...

That would be a great marketing step........I'd like to know the number of NHL teams that charge full price for preseason games


snappy said...

What gives? Minny, Nashville, Boston, and Pittsburgh all get the weekend games at their places. The CBJ get the weekday games at home. Cheezz. I agree, because weeknight crowds are generally lighter, open the doors with $5 tickets and fill the place up. Great marketing tool. Get some new folks "carry'n the flag" early.

Patrick said...

@ Andrew: You mean, like the Season Ticket Holders of the CBJ? Yep, it's part of our season ticket package, and non-negotiable. Easily my least favorite thing about being a PSL holder, is when I get my tickets and realize that I have paid over $200 for preseason games (angry face here). What a ripoff. LTL is dead-on, those tickets should be $5. Maybe make lower bowl $10.

Shoot, you've got tickets, though, right? I see you at every game, so I'm assuming you do. It burns me up that they're choking us out on these tickets. Ugh.