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Friday, July 24, 2009

Definitive Guide to Creating a Trade Proposal that includes the Columbus Blue Jackets

This CBJ trade flow chart is making it's rounds over on HF. For a great laugh (and a whole lot of truth) check it out here.

(I would just post it but it doesn't come out clear enough on blogger to read)

Great stuff Skraut!!

Also check out this article from a blogger titled "The NHL Needs More Rick Nash":

Why isn’t the NHL marketing the hell out of Rich Nash? It’s a simple question—but I’m still looking for a simple answer. In a world where stars play such a huge role in selling their respective sports, why is a guy like Nash still relatively unknown in the United States? While I have to hunt and search for reasons against promoting the talented power forward, there are plenty more reasons to publicize the man.

As for reasons why he ISN’T being marketed, I have one word for you: Columbus. I don’t think the people on Madison Avenue (or the people in the NHL offices on Avenue of the Americas) could find Columbus, OH if they had a Tom-Tom, MapQuest and a Rand McNally. They think its some city where Christopher lived and sports media executives think every square inch of the city is filled by a giant horseshoe.

The only other reason that I can think of for him not being promoted is that he’s not on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Lately, the American media doesn’t even acknowledge players if they don’t play FOR the Penguins (Crosby, Malkin) or are RIVALS of the Penguins (Ovechkin, Red Wings, Flyers etc.). At least the Canadian media can focus on 6 other teams!

Ahh.. you just know "he plays in Columbus" would quickly creep into that piece.

As much as it stings, there is definitely some truth to what this blogger says.

Personality, philanthropy, regular season accolades are one thing... and are very much recognized and appreciated on a lot of levels. However Rick Nash (and the Jackets for that matter) will get more attention once he leads this team deep into the playoffs. At that point the NHL will have no choice but to showcase him and the team.

As Ken Hitchcock has said numerous times - franchises make their marks in the playoffs.

Could this deal have Zubov implications? The Bruins sent defensemen Aaron Ward to Carolina for Patrick Eaves and a 4th round pick.

The deal saves the B's about 1.1 mil on the cap. They have been rumored to be in the mix for Segei Zubov. Could that 1.1 million in savings be anough to land the puck moving Russian? Keep in mind they also have to sign restricted free agent Phil Kessel (or trade him).

Just under 50 days until camp opens!



Skraut said...

Boston is going to buy out Eaves As he's under 26, this will roughly take 250k off their salary cap total for the next 4 years, and essentially gives the Bruins an extra 2 mil on the cap from the Ward trade.

BZArcher said...

I think the Eaves/Ward move is more about Kessel than a move for Zubov, but I've been wrong before...

snappy said...

Boy, would I like to get inside Howson's head. I would like to know what he might be planning, if anything. Is he really interested in Zubov, for example? Does he have other discussion ongoing? Fascinating....

CheapSeats said...

Thanks for the link :-)

Yeah, sorry I had to go to the Columbus card. You just look at what Nash brings to the table, and I cant help but wonder why he's not a superstar all over North America. He's a great player and just seems like a good guy.

A couple more appearances in the playoffs (and some success when they're there), and the Blue Jackets will start getting their fair share of notoriety.