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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogger's Breakouts

I was asked recently to contribute on behalf of the Jackets the two players who I believe will have breakout seasons next year.

My picks as well as others from the central division can be found here.

Fire away - who do you think will have a breakout season next year?



Patrick said...

Good write-up, I couldn't agree more... those two Jackets should become NHL veterans next year.

That was a good link, as it yielded a couple of good blog lead for other teams.

The single most interesting thing I read on that page was the Steve Sullivan fact... that is a good story!

LTL said...

That really was an interesting fact about Sullivan. Crazy how negotiations work sometimes.

Russell was also right there in the mix for me but just couldn't pass on Brass or Jake.


the Jester said...

I'd predict Brass to have a HUGE year, like 25-50-75 ish. And what about Filatov?

LTL said...

I think Filatov will "breakout" not this year but next.

This year I predict a similar season to what Voracek had last year but with more goals than assists. I'm thinkin 21g, 15a for 36p.


the Jester said...

Good point on Voracek. He's got to put more goals on the board. Russell too. I think anything less than 8-10 goals for him will be a disappointing season, even if he is on the 3rd pairing.