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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Utah.. make it two!

So much for that poll question!

Puck-rakers just announced that Marc Methot has avoided arbitration and has signed a 2 year deal worth $975,000 in 2009-10 and $1.05M in 2010-11.

Not bad for a 6th round pick in the 2003 draft. I wonder if the "mouthpieces" will start calling Methot a gem like they do Detroit's Eriksson? I mean afterall Eriksson was a 9th round pick in the 2002 draft and scored a whopping 1g, 3a in 19 games last season. Methot on the other hand registered 4g, 13a in 66 games.

I digress.

As far as the contract, that is certainly a little more than I would have guessed but nothing crazy for the role and position he plays. It's certainly a nice raise over the $522,500 he made last year. I'm sure both parties gave/took and are quite content with avoiding the actual arbitration hearing - those things are never fun.

With Methot in the fold that brings the Jackets roster to 21 sure fire NHL bodies (with potentially 1 open spot on that 4th line to fill at camp).

Nash Brassard Huselius
Umberger Vermette Voracek
Modin Pahlsson Torres
4th line: Boll, Dorsett, Filatov, Chimera, Murray

Commodore Hejda
Tyutin Klesla
Russell Methot


By my math (which always leaves something to be desired) these 21 players bring the Jackets payroll to 48.141 million which would leave 1.859 million assuming an estimated payroll of 50 million.

I know this is a broken record but keep in mind this is a budget not a cap market and that extra 1.8 million could be used to payout bonuses and injury callups and not necessarily used to add another body.... which is why it has been stated over and over again that a body must go to clear budget space to add another d-man.

That said, I fully expect Howson to find a way to move a winger for some type of d-man before camp starts.

Congrats to Marc for getting his 1 way 2 year contract. He adds some nice depth and size to the lineup and should improve off of what was essentially his "rookie" campaign in the NHL last season.

Here is Forecaster's take on Methot:

ASSETS: Has outstanding size and defensive acumen. Plays a sound, stay-at-home game and rarely makes mistakes in his own end. Displays leadership qualities.
FLAWS: Lacks the offensive ability to put up points on a consistent basis in the NHL. Needs to use his large frame more to intimidate the opposition.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Stabilizing defenseman.

Here's a parting question for ya? I know obtaining a offensive d-man is the new #1 priority but at what point does Howson start talking new contracts with Vermette and Klesla? My guess is that he'll wait to see how both perform in-season before firing those conversations up.



duryosu said...

Nice title LTL! classic Point Break reference....

Pub said...

GREAT DEAL!!! Now my Methot Crunch jersey is still all good!!!

Max said...

LTL you mention resigning Klesla. With the Methot signing, I think we're going to see the last original Blue Jacket traded. I feel like he increased his stock in the playoffs, and we've got 6 NHL defensemen. I think he could be on the move.

the Jester said...

Let's wait until we see how Klesla does in the regular season. If he comes out and shuts down everyone, then maybe we should keep him. He seemed like he could be right on the cusp at times last year. If he comes out and shuts down everyone next year, then who is going to ask for his trade?

I still think we should move Modin. I'll say it until the season begins.

Sean said...

@the Jester, Klesla & Modin are in the same boat with Torres: can they stay healthy? Near as I can tell, there are two stories to be told with the Jackets this year. One: the development of young talent and how much rookies and sophmores step up. Two: the health of older team members. If Klesla can stay healthy and play the shut-down we saw in the playoffs I would re-sign him for the right price. If Modin stays healthy and can put up 20-15-35 while mentoring Filatov, Brassard & Voracek then we've got our money's worth there too.

Chris said...

@Sean - If Klesa can stay healthy? Seriously? He had one season(last year) of injuries. By that thought you could say the same about Nash when he had the ankle thing a few years ago. Right on about Torres and Modin(still useless) though.

the Jester said...

@Sean - I'm not too worried about Rusty's health, but Modin has been basically worthless since joining the team. If he was healthy I'm sure he'd be putting up decent scoring numbers BUT he hasn't been! We're paying him big bucks to sit in bandages. It just seems foolish.