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Saturday, July 4, 2009

This and that

Just a couple of things to pass along on a fine 4th of July.

Here are a couple of nuggets passed along to me from a very reliable source:

* Derick Brassard has gained 12 pounds this offseason.

* Hitch on Samuel Pahlsson - he is a big pain the in ass to play against.

* Hitch expects Klesla to take a big step and have a big year. Thinks he's capable and it never hurts that its a contract year.

Just going back to the Umberger snub for a sec. A adult hockey teammate of mine (shout out to Tyler) made a couple of good points about the Umbeger snub that I thought were interesting.

1. Brian Burke is in charge of the US Olympic team. Brian Burke was also the GM of the Vancouver Canucks who drafted Umberger #16 overall back in 2001. If you recall Umberger never did end up signing with the Canucks due to terms and sat out a season to become an unrestricted free agent which led to him eventually signing with the Flyers.

Think Burke forgot about that?

2. Former Ohio State Buckeye and Umberger teammate Ryan Kesler was chosen for the camp. Umberger and Kesler are rumored to have not gotten along.

Something to chew on.

Be sure to check out these vids from Blue Jackets TV:

Happy 4th everyone!



Chris said...

Good point about Burke/Umberger, LTL. Guess proving a point is more important to Burke than actually putting together a winning hockey team. What a freaking idiot.

Clint Clark said...

Sounds like your friend was reading "The Cannon" :-)

Wally said...

Anything new on Manny?

LTL said...

Nothing new that I know of Wally.

Personally I think he may end up in Nashville.. wouldn't that be somethin?


Barga said...

Where do you play hockey/
Me and the guys want to start (i am goal, sometimes, if i feel good) and need a place

Wally said...

I saw a rumor about Carolina on PuckDaddy last week... nothing confirmed.

LTL said...

Barga - I play on two D league teams on Thurs and Sun.

We have full rosters now but if you're a goalie it won't be hard for you to find a team as folks are always lookin for goalies.


snappy said...

I saw something in the London Free Press (

Quote: "Leafs senior vice-president of hockey operations Dave Nonis said the club is interested in 10 to 12 free agents, though they haven't made any formal offers as of yet. Reportedly, the Leafs are eyeing defenceman Francois Beauchemin and forward Manny Malhotra."

How interesting, especially with all the rumor about the Leafs wanting to pick Nash off FA next year!!!

Barga said...

When i said i am a goalie, i meant that i am learnign. I used to play street and roller as a goalie, and my glove is extremely fast (due to baseball), but my 5-hole is the size of a car

Is there a website i can check out

Angelo said...

Barga, check the chiller website out. Click on the "Hockey" link at the top of the page. Sometimes there are "wanted" posted within the Chillers on the bulletin boards or at the Hilliard Play It Again sports..

Barga said...

you know when the next league starts
i will look into it. I want to get better at goal, so a D level that is willing to accept a goalie that when on his is game is good, when off, is, well, shit...