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Friday, July 17, 2009

10 can't miss games!

In full disclosure I ripped this idea off from a blogger over on but thought it would make a great topic for the Jackets.

Here are my top 10 can't miss games for the 2009-2010 Blue Jackets season:

1. Saturday, October 3rd vs. Minnesota Wild
I have never missed a home opener since the Jackets arrived and certainly won't this year. There is nothing like a clean slate and all the excitement that comes with the first home game!

2. Friday, April 9th vs. Detroit Red Wings
The last game of the season and it's at home. In the tight wild wild west you just never know if a playoff birth will come down to that final game. There is always something about the last game of the year -- be it a final goodbye to the season if things didn't go well or a final fist pumping stinger drinkin bonanza before the playoffs start. I always have this game at the top of my can't miss list.

3. Thursday, November 26 @ Ottawa Senators
This is the final game of the Jackets longest road trip. It's also Thanksgiving night. To me this is a very important game because it has the possibility to be a turning point on so many levels. If the trip goes well it could be an exclamation point that the Jackets are big time contenders. If it's so-so it's a chance to end the trip on a good note or a bad one. It the wheels falls completely we could all look back and say this is where things went wrong.

4. Thursday, December 31st vs. Nashville Predators
The Jackets biggest rival comes to town on one of the biggest party dates of the year! What's not to love about that combo?! I'll be anxiously awaiting the chance to throw my New Year's Eve hat on the ice circa '07.

5. Thursday, February 4th vs. Dallas Stars
The start of a season best 6 game home stand for the Jackets. This is a key stretch towards the Jackets playoff hopes. It's a chance for the Jackets to set the tone early for this home stand before the Olympic break. It could also be an opportunity for players to look too far ahead to a little R&R and take nights off.

6. Friday, October 30th vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
I'm going to continue to hammer on the Jacket faithful about this game. Not only are the defending champs in town but you can bet the local Pittsburgh bandwagon has this date circled on their calendar. Buy tickets Jackets fans and buy a lot of em!!! As the great Macaulay Culkin once said (pre-18 year old-marriage...and pre-MJ....) "this is my house, I have to defend it!"...

7. Monday, October 5th @ Vancouver Canucks
It's the Canucks home opener and it comes two days after the Jackets open up at home. This is going to be a very tough game and it could tell us a lot about the Jackets and their chemistry very early on. It will also set the tone for a challenging Western Conference road trip right from the get go. From here they play in San Jose for their home opener two days later. If they want to get off to a fast start they have a couple of brick walls they'll need to beat down.

8. Monday, November 30th vs. St. Louis Blues
The Jackets had a horrible time against the Blues last season going 1-4-1. The Central is going to be tough again and they can't afford to give the Blues another 9 of a 12 possible points. Need to set the tone from the first drop of the puck. They are next year's Nashville.

9. Wednesday, November 11th vs. Detroit Red Wings
To be the best you have to beat the best. This is the first of 6 meetings with the Western Conference champ. It will also mark the first time for Jackets fans to collectively say **** Detroit!!

10. (Insert favorite player from Eastern Conference here)
I'm a bigger fan of Zach Parise from the Devils but since they won't be playing @ Nationwide this year it's going to have to be the Great 8 in Alex Ovechkin who visits town on Saturday. April 3rd. I'll also be looking forward to seeing John Tavares in action on Saturday. March 27th for the first time.

HM: The games before and after the NHL trade deadline are always interesting. I'm not quite sure when the trade deadline is yet for next season however.

HMx2: I haven't forgotten about you either Adam Foote. Unless he skips out yet again (or is "injured"), we'll see him @ Nationwide for the first time since he bolted on Saturday, December 1st.

Fire away - what games are you looking forward to the most next season?



John said...

Interesting piece LTL, but the way I read the schedule, I count 82 can't miss games.

LTL said...

Hahah.. Hopefully more than that if things go our way :)


Stephen said...

Looking forward to the eastern teams! The NHL needs to revamp the scheduling process, however that is another segment.

According to CBJ ticket reps, the sales have been going well this week. I hope they were being honest.

snappy said...

I am pleased with the greater aggressiveness displayed by the CBJ sales folks this coming season. They have put together some very nice ticket packages. More 6-pack options, the All-Saturdays pack, etc. They are also extending this to the lower-priced seats as well. Doesn't make any difference to me as a PSL holder, but I think this displays a better attitude on their part. They aren't just sitting back and expecting folks to beat down the doors. Now, if they can just improve the in-arena experience we'll be all set. Can't wait!!

rocket said...

What would you suggest would be the best object that I could bring on Dec 1st to throw at Adam Foote?

RG said...

The leader in the clubhouse will be Pittsburgh because it's the bachelor party! After that it's the Washington game late in the year. Both will be really intense.

LTL said...


Hmmm... a cassette tape of the Footloose movie soundtrack?

Or how about an autographed picture of Kevin Bacon?

Oooorrrrrr... a used 2008-2009 CBJ playoff ticket!


Wasted Years said...

Congrats on locking up Nash.
I love the way your team is coming together and look forward to watching Brassard and Mason for a full year on the Centre Ice Package.

And I'll say it with you **** Detroit!

LTL said...

Wasted Years.

Let me guess.. Blackhawks fan?

Thx for the comment!