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Thursday, July 2, 2009

This and that

ESPN has released their ultimate standings for the four major professional sports leagues in North America.

The Jackest check in at a very respectable 31:

Last Year's Rank: 52
Title Track: 73
Ownership: 31
Coaching: 9
Players: 51
Fan Relations: 9
Affordability: 29
Stadium Experience: 9
Bang for the Buck: 64

Gone but not forgotten is late (1923-2008) owner John H. McConnell. Inside the popular Nationwide Arena's Front Street entrance and before you reach the 12-foot, 1,600-pound working cannon -- it goes off every time the home team scores -- is a memorial honoring the man who brought pro hockey to Ohio's capital in 2000. Among the tributes? The first Jackets jersey (McConnell 01) and a photo of the founding father from his football days at Michigan State. Sure, Columbus is Buckeyes country, but the Spartans pic gets love because McConnell is wearing No. 61, just like four-time All-Star Rick Nash, the face of the franchise. That face is morphing though, thanks to magicianlike young goalie Steve Mason (the ROY winner with a league-leading 10 shutouts), center R.J. Umberger (the team's first Ohio Stater skater) and D-man Mike Commodore. Not included, unfortunately, is a group shot of fans wearing Sideshow Bob-style red Afro wigs in tribute to Commodore's unruly mop. Add it up, mixing in bulletproof bench boss Ken Hitchcock, who's a Civil War geek to boot, and it's easy to see why the Blue Jackets not only made their first playoff appearance but also have their highest rank since the Standings started. That ought to help JHM RIP

Love to see the cannon getting some recognition... but just imagine if our game ops was good!

Michael Arace has a nice blog post about the Nash situation. Check out the list he grabbed from (which I can't get to work) in terms of the highest paid players in the league:

1. Ovechkin, $9.538M per through 2020-21.
2. Crosby, $8.7M per through 2012-13.
3. Malkin, $8.7M per through 2013-14.
4. E. Staal, $8.25M per through 2015-16.
5. Richards, $7.8M per through 2010-11.
6. Lecavalier, $7.727M per through 2019-20.
7. Heatley, $7.5M per through 2013-14.
8. Chara, $7.5M per through 2010-11.
9. Gaborik, $7.5M per through 2013-14.
10. Lidstrom, $7.45M per through 2009-10.
11. Gomez, $7.357 per through 2013-14.
12. J. Thornton, $7.2M per through 2010-11.
13. Vanek, $7.147 per through 2013-14.
14. T. Campbell, $7.14M per through 2015-16.
15. Drury, $7.05M per through 2011-12.
16. Spezza, $7.0M per through 2014-15.
17. Iginla, $7.0M per through 2012-13.
18. Lundqvist, $6.875M per through 2013-14.
19. Kopitar, $6.8M per through 2015-16.
20. Luongo, $6.75M per through 2009-10.
21. Datsyuk, $6.7M per through 2013-14.
22. Bouwmeester, $6.68M per through 2013-14.
23. Boyle, $6.667M per through 2013-14.
24. Stastny, $6.6M per through 2013-14.
25. Briere, $6.5M per through 2014-15.
26. Redden, $6.5M per through 2013-14.
27. Phaneuf, $6.5M per through 2013-14.
28. Jovanovski, $6.5M per through 2010-11.
29. Kovalchuk, $6.4M per through 2009-10.

We know Nash is worth more than stats to this team but by the numbers he finished 18th overall in league scoring with 79 points in 78 games. His 40 goals were good for 5th in the league.

You be the judge on where you think Nash should slot in on that list.

Puck-daddy's thoughts on the Jackets moves:

The Columbus Blue Jackets had a very good day, getting Samuel Pahlsson(notes) as their checking center for $7.95 million over three years and Mathieu Garon(notes) for $2.4 million over two years. The BeeJays used to have zippy up the middle; now, their centers might go four-deep next year for the first time in franchise history.

I'll have much more on these two acquisitions over the next few days. Unfortunately the Nash news has smashed my time to post some thoughts on em.


Just a few comments on the 1/2 session of camp I was able to catch yesterday.

Moore - what a skill set. His skating reminded me of Russell's but with a bigger frame. His puck skills were good as well. A nice package that just needs some time to bake.

Vougelhuber - was the best forward during my viewing potting a couple of nice goals on Lalande. Much better than last year but still a ways to go. Unfortunately he took a nasty shot in the leg as he was crossing the ice with the puck. He had to be helped off the ice and did not return. Remember he has a history of bad leg injuries.

Calvert - absolutely love this kid. He's fast, smart and "darty". His game reminds me of someone's but I just can't put a finger on it yet.

Legein - blended in and as a 2nd round pick you should not blend in with this group.

Goloubef - just so smooth and confident. He did get caught up the ice one time looking for a hit but other than that mistake he look good in all areas.

Lynch - nothing spectacular but very consistant. Didn't see him make a bad play or flub a pass during the entire practice.

Delisle - skating has improved. Reminds me of Hall Gill and not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Lots of room to fill out that frame.

Neuber - not nearly as bad of a player as I was expecting. Worked pretty hard out there. Didn't look out of place. Be interesting to see what he can do when he can drop em.

I only really got to see half of the group up close. I only keyed in on a few guys as you can see so please take with grains of salt!


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the Jester said...

If Gaborik and Vanek (I never knew!) are making that much, then Nash should, too. I think he has reason to hold. With Brass or Vermette feeding him the puck next year, he should put up even better numbers. 50 goals, even? I think he deserves 50 goal money. Come on Howson. Pay the man!