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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Case for Zubov

Sorry LTL-Nation, that I didn't post this, earlier, but yours truly was learning another facet of the internet machine. That's what you get with an IT whiz like LTL (the rest of us simps are lost and clueless, but I digress).

Now, onto my post.

Recently, THN (AKA the Bible) posted a story about why the CBJ should express an interest in Zubov. Hmmm...funny, yours truly, a week or so, earlier wrote this very concept for Fire The Cannon (FTC) - note: shameless name-dropping - you'd think I was Rimms, eh?

So, here are both articles, the good one - mine:

Heater - Out? Zubov - In?

And that article from some (supposed) hockey mag:

Zubov a perfect fit in Columbus

So, let me summarize my points about the possibility of signing the potential future Hall-of-Famer:

- First, as was best expressed by our beloved LTL, 75% of Zubov would immediately make him the greatest puck-moving blueliner the CBJ have EVER had. This is both a credit to his greatness and an indictment on the prior defensemen's puck-moving abilities (or lack thereof).

- Second, as it relates to concerns about a short-term fix (Band-Aid) - OK, if he's truly generally healthy (a BIG if, considering he's played in about 56 total games, the last 2 seasons), you mean he can't serve as a great mentor to Russ? And, staying on the (Band-Aid) theory, if he stays about 2 years...hmmm...just in time for Messrs. Goloubef, Regner, and Moore to transition in?

- Third, and most important, make it a very incentive-laden contract, so long as Zubov and his agent are OK with it. That's where Scott Howson's brilliance (not overpaying - see Dale Tallon, Dougy Mac, and the drunken sailors - i.e. NY Rangers, Philly Flyers, the Habs, or, as I like to now call 'em - the Canadian Rangers) and Zubov's connection to Hitch come into play.

Trust me, Zubov and his agent both know his value has fallen, due to his injuries and age. So, as long as they're reasonable in their expectations, and, given the remaining salary cap room, from which a trade can obtain the other puck-mover - to (PLEASE) get rid of the LW glut - the CBJ will be set.

In summary, uh, we were 30th (in the league) last year on the PP - that's last for those of you scoring at home - and were 7th, overall, at even strength. That says to me the following: OUR PP STINKS!

So, I say, if all is right in this move, get him!

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ateny20 said...


I think all your points are good, a healthy Zubov fits us and our needs.

I think a few things work against him though, number one his age, Scotty has seemed very reluctant to pay older players, and for good reason look what older players have done in columbus in the past, thanks Dougie mac. I also think whether he is the best fit or not Howson would rather go the trade route to get rid of some of those LW you mentioned.

I think the most important thing to remember about Howson is that he is always thinking about the budget and what best fits into that, and a trade best fits. I really think we won't see any movement till at least around training camp because we have the advantage of time on our hands. Teams have to unload players and I think we will happily take them, as long as they are willing to take something in return, Modin please (like that would happen).

just my opinion though,


Stephen said...

The big difference today, vs a few years back is Columbus is MUCH more marketable now to the players. It seems as if the CBJ won't have to overpay players anymore to get them to sign, now that we have stability in the front office, coaching, and roster. If we can overcome the financial aspect, and the youth play up to their potential, the foundation of a great NHL market will be fully established.