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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somethin brewin?

Just to piggyback on Eplagge's post below -- here is some more speculation from

Just got a tip that the Stralman-Primeau swap is the tip of the iceberg to something larger happening in Toronto. Being told to keep an eye on the Blue Jackets – Brassard and Klesla are two names that have been bandied about in the rumour mill.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Columbus, Vancouver and St. Louis during the past week. The *suspicion* is that today’s Stralman trade was a necessary move to facilitate another, larger move with one of the three aforementioned teams.

Speculate away, folks. Things are getting real interesting, real fast. Updates will come as I receive them.

Not sure how legit this source is (and hey, it's a low news week) but one thing I can definitely tell you just from common sense is that Derick Brassard ain't goin anywhere!

Klesla, while I'd love for him to stick around for another year to see if he can replicate that playoff performance for a full season, I could see being on the table for the right return. Again the Jackets need that puck mover and have too many defensemen that play the same type of game with Russell being the exception.

Then you say to yourself.. wait a sec.... Toronto is trying to unload another defensemen so why take one back? Doesn't make much sense.

Toronto and the Jackets do make some sense in terms of what they are trying to deal. Toronto needs offense while the Jackets need offense for their defense. I'm just not sure the assets line up to meet both teams needs.

Kaberle is the juicy target and it would take a Brassard type player to land him which, again, Howson isn't going to part with. He wants to build around that young core not subtract from it.

...and how long have we been searching for a #1 center? Think Howson would trade away our best chance to fill that gap? Again, ain't happenin.

Van Ryn is a guy the Jackets may be willing to take a chance on and perhaps Bruke may be interested in a guy like Chimera in return.... Van Ryn comes with a lot of injury question marks however as he only played in 47 games the past two seasons. He is a right hand shot and can be a useful player on the PP. From forecaster:

ASSETS: Moves the puck well up the ice, has a good point shot and is always willing to dish out punishment.
FLAWS: Needs to become more assertive on offense, since he has the talent to produce big numbers.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Top four defenseman.

His contract is also attractive as he's only signed for 1 more year at 3.35 mil.

I suspect we'll continue to hear more and more speculation as it's no secret what the Jackets need and I'm sure Howson is keeping the lines of communication wide open to see if something falls in his lap.

Stay tuned.



eplagge said...


I was just about to adjust my original post to work in that juicy bit of speculation !!!! You beat me to the punch... My thought on this is similar to yours... we might have inquired about Kaberle and Burke told Howsen he would want Klesla and Brassard in return... Maybe Howsen can talk him down to a deal involving any of the following pieces: Modin, Chimera, Klesla and a pick of sorts... e.g.. Klesla, Chimmer and next years 3rd.. in Howsen we trust... btw Klesla would make sense because he's a player Burke would like to have..

LTL said...

Good points eplagge.

Seems to be a lot of smoke here... I woudln't be at all surprised to see the Jackets end up with Van Ryn... just hopefully he can put those freak injuries behind him.

I mean how often does a guy get injured getting pushed through the glass..?

I think this guy could really help us.


eplagge said...

Yep, you are probably right... Van Ryn would be the most logical choice.... but his injury history is just not very good... I would guess Chimmer for Van Ryn straight-up would be a possible deal.. anything more would be overpayment... I am still hoping Howsen can swing a deal for Kaberle, we can throw in some draft picks if needed... perhaps even Modin and give them something for taking on our Salary dump.. we can all dream I guess..

CheapSeats said...

Brassard for anything the Leafs have to offer would be a mistake. Kaberle isnt the right age for the young core that the Blue Jackets are assembling and they dont really have a forward with anything near Brassard.

As far as Klesla goes... there's absolutely no room unless they Leafs themselves trade a defenseman. Like you said, that keep point back to Kaberle.

But lets be honest: if the trade was Kaberle for Brassard and Klesla, would you hurl yourself off the tallest building in Columbus? I'm not even sure that newly acquired 2nd round pick from Calgary would make that a legitimate trade....

eplagge said...

Looking at our options, I wouldn't be surprised if we unloaded a player for draft picks (Modin hopefully)...and signed an UFA.. Bergeron keeps coming to mind because he's a PP specialist.. defensively he's only so-so to be kind, but we have the system and players to balance out a player like MAB... I don't think the new Wild is able to use him like LeMaire did... We have Hitch, and Commy, Hedja, Klesla and Tyutin to provide some counterweight.. it would be a logical fit..

JAL said...

I really don't see any set of circumstances under which Howson deals Brassard. Some combination of Chimera, Modin, Boll, Murray, Klesla, Dorsett may be available, but I think that is about it.

I have posted this before, but a name I don't see mentioned often is Phillipe Boucher. He has had injury problems the last two years, but no worse than Zubov, who everybody is salivating over.

Before getting banged up, he was 19-32-51 in 06-07 (All-Star), and 16-27-43 the year before. 6'3 218 Right handed shot. THN take on him:

ASSETS: Has good size and a booming shot from the point. Can contribute offensively and also play the role of shutdown blueliner. Adds leadership to the equation.
FLAWS: Consistency is still an issue, as is his inability to stay healthy. Could stand to use his imposing frame more often to keep power forwards honest.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Top six defenseman.

36 years old, so has 2 or 3 years to give, and provides some veteran leadership. Made $2.5 million with Pittsburgh last year, so within the price range we could need.

I have met him a few times, and know that his agent has had discussions with the CBJ, but don't know how serious.

Sign Boucher, trade a winger or two for a younger blueliner and a depth player, and we are looking pretty darn good.

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