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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday round up

There are a couple of really good reads over on about the Jackets.

The first one talks alot about Jackets prospects and has some excellent quotes from Scott Howson - some samples:

Howson on Brassard:

"He got his feet wet, but he wasn't strong enough," Howson said. "The injury set him back so we decided to put him back in Syracuse for the rest of the year and he was really good in Syracuse in February, March and April. He had a good playoffs."

"He's another young player that sees the ice real well and he plays a position we're really weak at," Howson said. "He's going make a push to play for us this year."

On Mason:

"I can see him getting NHL games next year, but we want him to play a lot," Howson said. "Whether it's in Columbus or Syracuse, he's going to play a lot. Goalies traditionally take longer so it wouldn't hurt him if he played in Syracuse, but some people are special athletes and I'm not going to say no to anything at this point."

He also talks abot Voracek, Filatov, Legein, Sestito and Dorsett. Very good read that you can find here.

A second article focuses in on Voracek. Again some more juicy quotes from Jackets development coach Tyler Wright:

"He had a good camp last year, but he weighed 181 pounds and was a little bit high in body fat," Tyler Wright, the Blue Jackets' development coach, told "He comes in here this year and he's 202 pounds and he's dropped some body fat. To put on 21 pounds and drop body fat in a year shows he made that commitment."

"I'm really intrigued with this kid," Wright said. "I think he can be a really special player in the League for a long, long time."

Much more from Wright and Voracek here.

Not sure whom else caught this but the Oilers made a big announcement today:

Kevin Lowe, who had served as the club's general manager for eight seasons, was named president of hockey operations, a newly created position within the organization. Lowe then named Steve Tambellini the team's new GM, while Kevin Prendergast, who served as the Oilers' vice president of hockey operations the last nine seasons, was appointed assistant GM.

Normally I wouldn't bat much of an eye at such an announcement but a friend of mine had a good point - one year removed from taking the Jackets GM job out of Edmonton I wonder how Scott Howson feels about this?

Great question.

Perhaps a question the boys at the Dispatch can get answered.

Spector over at Fox Sports takes a look at potential free agents next summer - here are his thoughts on the Jackets:

C Michael Peca, LW Mike York

The stock of these two veterans has been in steady decline since the lockout and barring a significant improvement, both could not only find themselves out of a job with the Blue Jackets next summer, but also out of the NHL.

The Jackets do have some other names including Fredrik Norrena, Manny Malhotra and Christian Backman who will also be UFAs next year.

Puck daddy over at gives his thoughts on the Leclaire signing and gives LighttheLamp a nice plug! From one plug to another follow this link.

Finally as was mentioned in the comments of another post the Antoinne Vermette has been re-signed to a 2 year 5.525 million dollar deal.

As I stated there that is a great deal for Ottawa although I'm very surprised Vermette settled for a 2 year term at that kind of money.

Scratch another name off the wishlist. Now who do we speculate on?



Anonymous said...

what about glen murray?

Erik said...

Unfortunatly the only player that comes to mind is Glen Murray… his stats are showing a declining trend.. (Points: since 2002 – 92-68-53-45-30).
Futhermore he is in his mid to late 30s… and is charging 4 mil a season, I can see him as a rental but not much more, and most importantly does he fit the Hitch system..

LTL, who else is available? (Please let there be a good cap casualty we could pick up…)

Anyways LTL, you left out the most intriguing part from the Howsen article:
“Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson told the organizational strengths are at the wings and in net, but the defense has been getting better. Howson still feels the team lacks depth at center, both in Columbus and in the system, but he's working on it.”

He’s working on it sure sounds like he is maybe working a trade for a center doesn’t it?? (Samuel Pahlsson, ANA…Lombarid/Primeau, CAL, …Kozlov, Backstrom, WAS??? )

Personally I have always like Pahlsson a lot, in my opinion he’s underrated.. (especially defensively)….

Erik said...

BTW forgot to mention… numerous back-loaded contracts for 08-09… looks like Howsen is keeping a little space for a C.. What do the LTL readers think…

LTL said...

Parish is also out there.

A guy I think will definitely be availabe is Nylander of the Caps but his contract is just to long.

The Flames could need to trim some payroll and man if they dangled Lombardi Howson would have to be interested.

Lombardi may have moved to the top of my wishlist after the Vermette-Ottawa breakup was put on hold.

That was a juicy quote Erik. I've heard Hitch say the same on some radio interviews. The good thing is that these guys are not trying to BS anyone - they know where they still need work and its refreshing not to hear the spin from the front office 24/7.


Anonymous said...

I would like Lombardi as well. Nylander...not sure, there is something about him that makes me hesitant. He strikes me as a guy who plays when he feels like it...I don't even know if that is true, but there is something about him that bothers me.

I like Pahlsson too. He was huge during their cup run.

I would steer clear of Murray. Too old, too slow.

Rick said...

On Steve Mason from
"He's seen as a future No. 1 goalie in the NHL because of his excellent poise, positioning and maturity. Though it's likely Mason will start the season in Syracuse, Howson won't rule out the possibility that Mason makes the Jackets out of camp.

"I can see him getting NHL games next year, but we want him to play a lot," Howson said. "Whether it's in Columbus or Syracuse, he's going to play a lot. Goalies traditionally take longer so it wouldn't hurt him if he played in Syracuse, but some people are special athletes and I'm not going to say no to anything at this point."

What happens to Noreena if Mason has a stellar camp?

LTL said...

Rick - I think Howson is just saying that to promote competition.

I think no matter what Mason will be the starter in Syracuse until the inevtiable injuries strike. He needs that development time.

Should Mason step in and absolutely dominate and push Leclaire to a backup role (which I give about a .01% chance) really the Jackets would have three choices with Norrean 1. carry 3 goaltenders 2. trade him 3. put him on waivers.

Anyhow I wouldn't worry to much about it. Mason will get some NHL time filling in for injuries and then get lots of time as the starter in Syracuse to develop and will most likely backup Leclaire...assuming development goes as planned.