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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stat of the day

Combined NHL playoff games of players added this offseason: 188
Umberger-22 Torres-22 Commodore-49 Tyutin-24 Backman-13 Huselius-20 Vigilante-0 McDonald-7 Kelly-25 York-6

Combined NHL playoff games of players lost this offseason: 17
Vyborny-0 Tarnstrom-17 Hainsey-0 Zherdev-0 Brule-0 Fritsche-0 Lindstrom-0 Westcott-0 Konopka-0

Now if you toss in Foote and Fedorov both of those guys alone have a combined 333 games but they also are 37 & 38 years old.
Foote-164 Fedorov-169



Anonymous said...

Nice stat! :)

freddy said...

that's fairly irrelevant, having other good players on your team is not a skill and is not an indicator of future success