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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jackets hope for "new" York

Ha! Bet you thought Howson was done shopping this summer didn't ya!?

Well I am not gonna lie as I certainly thought it he was. Instead he's just moved from the premium rack to the bargain bin with the report from Puck-rakers that the Jackets have signed Mike York to a 2-way contract worth 750k at the NHL level and 100k at the minor league level.

So what gives here?

Depth, depth and more depth.

York is a 30 year odl 5'10" 190lb winger/center who has 8 NHL seasons under his belt. He was drafted in the 6th round in 1997 draft and spent 4 years with Michigan State of the CCHA. Sportsnet's take:

Has great speed, excellent playmaking ability and durability--despite his lack of size. Generally plays a sound two-way game.

Tends to wear down physically because of his smallish stature. Needs to find his niche at the NHL level.

Career potential
Second line center.

York played with Phoenix last year only tallying 6g 8a for 14p in 63 games. He finished a -4 with 4 PIMs. His best season came back in 2001 when he split time with the Rangers/Oilers and notched 20g 41a for 61p. Overall he's had 5 seasons with 40 or more points.

Of course you did catch that I said Oilers right? Aha -- there is your Howson connection.

The last 3 years has seen York's game really hit the skids. Its been widely reported that he's faced many off ice issues with substance abuse. With this signing one can only hope York has cleaned himself up and can focus on hockey.

This is a classic low risk high reward signing by Howson. I mean why not right? With his experience with York in Edmonton Howson knows what a clean and sober York can bring and if that's the version we get than this guy will help. If its not well then he's on a 2-way so they put him on waivers and if he clears the Crunch get another veteran to help them.

This kind of move isn't new for Howson. If you recall he made a similar signing last year in Kris Beech. Heck you could even put Sheldon Brookbank on that group as well.

If York makes a case in camp then the Jackets have some decisions to make. York on the team would most likely mean Novotny or Malhotra on the waiver wire.

This move is all about looking for value and creating competition with the goal to ice the best team possible from the 1st to 4th lines. No complacency in this locker room - everyone fighting for jobs.

Right now this is how I see the forward roster shaping up:

Nash Umberger Huselius
Modin Brassard Torres
Chimera Peca XXX

Murray/Malhotra/Voracek/York/Novotny/Sestito/Dorsett/Pineault/Filatov will all duke it out for those final positions.

So since the draft Howson has upped his new blood head count to 10: Umberger, Torres, Commodore, Tyutin, Backman, Huselius, Vigalante, McDonald, Kelly, York

Heads that have been chopped is at 9: Vyborny, Tarnstrom, Hainsey, Zherdev, Brule, Fritsche, Lindstrom, Westcott & Konopka

Then of course guys like Hejda, Peca and MacKenzie have been re-signed.

According to TSN Mike York: "11-Jul-08 Signed with the Sibir Novosibirsk of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)."

Well that is an interesting wrinkle. Stand by to see how this one plays out.

Discuss - what you do think of Howson bringing York into the mix?



DRU said...

Joakim Lindstrom got his head chopped off too.

Erik said...

No mention of Filatov, I think he's competing for the 3rd/4th line as well..

LTL said...

Ah yes... how could I forget the Lindstrom beheading!

Thanks (again) Dru..!


LTL said...

Erik -- good point about Filatov. I'll throw him in the mix as well.


Erik said...


You'd better put Filatov up there, he's going to be something special. Heck the thing that makes Filatov an NHLer from the getgo is that he already has 1 year of Russian pro under his belt..

My prediction is that he makes the CBJ out of training camp.. 3/4 line.. it will be growth year.. he's going to really shine in 09/10.. Brassard, Voracek and Filatov could really make this team deep if they step up to plate this year...

Anyways, really like the York signing... there is only upside to this deal.. if he pans out we have a solid 3/4 line center for a bargain price, what's not to love.. We can even throw in the "fresh start" cliche..

And ofcourse let's not forget that this is basically a backup if Brassard doesn't pan out this year... but by all accounts it looks like Brass will play some massive minutes for the Jackets this year...

Get leClaire signed...and GO JACKETS....

LTL said...

Yeah Filatov is definitely a wild card. I can't believe I forgot him and can't wait to see what he brings in camp.

For now I'm tempering my expectations but if what the scouts say is true (i.e. if his name was Jack he would have been fighting it out with Stamkos for #1 overall) this kid definitely has the ability to open some eyes now.

Couldn't agree more on York. Its a no risk move. If it works great if not then hasta lasagna. Its not like the old days with Maclean selling Hridna...I mean a #1 center here :)


Erik said...

Yep, couldn’t agree with you more LTL. I have to give credit to Howsen not only for the big signings but in particular the smaller signings. York, which a no risk signing. Peca, which is a solid signing at good price, just think of all the intangibles Peca brings to this team. Hedja, which at 3 years 6 mil is a solid deal for a +20 defenseman. I have a feeling Howsen will be the GM for years to come. Let’s just hope that everything works out as we imagine it, because in the West there are no guarantees.

BTW LTL, regarding training camp.. is it open to the public ??
What can the fans see during training camp? ??

LTL said...

Yep training camp is free to the public. I would recommend getting down for a few sessions. Most of the time its drills but its great opportunity to see the players up close and their various skill sets.

Heck if my job permitted I'd be there every day.

The rookies usually take part in the Traverse City Tournament up in Michigan and then the big boys hit camp a couple weeks later.


LoneG said...


First of all major kudos on your blog. I found it right before the draft and its part of my daily itinerary. I've been telling all of my CBJ buddies about it and I will continue to do so.

I have one small comment on this post and it has to do with your repsonse re: training camp.

Here I was, under the impression that with all of your great work on this blog, LTL was your job. :)

Keep up the great work!!!

Another thing, I have a suspision of your identity, but then I may be wrong. Maybe I'll see you at the RBar.

LTL said...

loneg - thanks for the comments. I am a very frequent customer to the R Bar so chances are we have run in to one another!


Erik said...

I have to admit, I love this blog as well... The dispatch comments are a mixed bag.. There are some good comments followed by a lot bitter ones.. It personally can only handle about 4 dispatch reader comments before I want to pull my hair out... York is a Brassard/IR backup... that's it and a bargain at that... why all the anger... SH did pursue Morrison, redden, etc... just didn't have any luck... Hey who knows maybe we will land Marleau later this season. Anything can happen in Hockey...

Erik said...

The Hockey News on Shanahan... (I know it's a long shot, but, what if....)

According to Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated, Brendan Shanahan has decided he will be back for another season.

Shanahan is reportedly seeking a one-year contract and would like to return to the New York Rangers. However, if a deal can't be struck, the veteran with 650 career goals will look for other NHL opportunities.

Last season, Shanahan scored 23 goals and 46 points in 73 games. He is 11th all-time in NHL goals, 18 behind Luc Robitaille and 24th all-time in points with 1340

Anonymous said...

Love the York signing. No risk, high potential reward. This ranks up there with one of my favorite signings of the really :) This guy has, and can play in a top 6 position so if we get an injury he can slide in.

It also lights a fire under Novotny and Manny to get their asses playing better and more consistently. I still think Novotny has potential, but he hasn't been able to sustain it. York has had more than a few seasons where he has been very good. His personal problems have been an issue, and from what I have been told, he is right back on track ready to get his career going again.

Also, someone in the hockey world said to me: 'he isn't that much different than Vermette when he is on his game'. If you look at their numbers: York actually has better numbers in his first three years in the league than does Vermette. Vermette: 33, 39, 51. York: 50, 31, 61. York, a little guy has proven he can play and get points in this league. If he can get even close to his form of the few years before the last couple, he would be a great and the coup signing of the off-season.

Bravo Scott.

Anonymous said...

I love Shannahan and all, but he has REALLY slowed down. He also avoids the physicality and with our current roster and the way we are going to play, I feel like he might be dead weight.

Anonymous said...

Is the guy who signed with the KHL possibly JASON York (the d man) and TSN simply put the signing under the wrong 'York'?

Erik said...

I was joking about Shananhan... this is going to be his goodbye year.. it has to be one of his old clubs.. who knows the Blues might pick him up...

Anonymous said...

erik-Gotcha now, but missed it the first time.

Anyway, here is the website for that club that York supposedly signed in: if anyone can read Russian, that would help!

I also looked on a european website that had York on the recent transfer list, and he was transfered from america to america.

I somehow think TSN might have made a mistake with the York's and it is Jason instead of Mike. Unless there was some kind of stipulation in York's contract that allowed him a certain amount of time to obtain an NHL contract.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this look it could say something about Mike York:

К «Сибири» присоединился нападающий Иван Черник (the last two words anyway).

LTL said...

All I know is that this is another player I need to trade for on EA -- I'm running out of draft picks to grab these guys!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so that phrase translated says:
To “Siberia” was joined attacking Ivan [Chernik]

'attacking player' means forward haha.

Yes, I'm bored and am not going away any time soon haha

Erik said...

Howsen knows what he's doing.. I am sure he is not about to piss off the KHL.. Filatov still is stuck in Russia for now..

I am sure the contract is solid..

I wonder how many more bargain basement deals Howsen will find..

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt he knows what he is doing, but Howson found out about Svitov through someone who saw it on the internet!

I have been scanning that KHL team and York's name isn't listed--Mike OR Jason.

Anonymous said...

i think that the york signing is great. the worst is that he doesnt pan out but we may get an experienced center who could score 10-15 goals. its all about depth folks