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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deep dive

Some Jackets 2008-20090NHL schedule anlaysis for ya:

Monthly breakdown:
Oct - 10 games
4 - home
6 - away
3- b2b

Nov - 13 games
8 - home
5 - away
3 - b2b

Dec - 14 games
6 - home
8 - away
3 - b2b

Jan - 13 games
6 - home
7 - away
3 - b2b

Feb - 12 games
7 - home
5 - away
3 - b2b

Mar - 15 games
8 - home
7 - away
2 - b2b

Apr - 5 games
2 - home
3 - away
2 - b2b

Gameday breakdown:
Mon - 5
Tues - 15
Wed - 9
Thurs - 9
Fri - 14
Sat - 23
Sun - 7

Home gameday breakdown:
Mon - 3
Tues - 10
Wed - 6
Thurs - 3
Fri - 6
Sat - 10
Sun - 3

Eastern Conference Teams at home:
Rangers, Canadiens, Capitals, Islanders, Flyers, Devils, Senators, Bruins, Penguins

Eastern Conference Teams on the road:
Islanders, Sabres, Capitals, Hurricanes, Maple Leafs, Panthers, Lightning

Holiday Games:
Wed Nov 26th vs. Coyotes - day before Thanksgiving
Tue Dec 23rd vs. Kings - day before Christmas Eve
Mon Feb 16th vs. Star - President's Day

Road Trip Opportunities:
Sat Oct 18th @ Nashville
Fri Nov 14th @ Buffalo
Sun Dec 14th @ Chicago
Fri Feb 6th @ Pittsburgh
Sat Mar 7th @ Detroit
Fri Mar 13th @ Chicago
Sat Mar 28th @ St. Louis
Sat Apr 4th @ Nashville

Some juicy road trip targets if flying is an option:
Fri Oct 10th @ Dallas (season opener)
Sat Nov 22nd @ Atlanta
Sat Dec 20th @ Phoenix
Sat Feb 14th @ Carolina
Sat Mar 21st @ Florida

General Comments:
* Great balance in this schedule. No single month is top heavy in home or away games.

* 10 home Saturday games - hell yes!

* Everyone wants weekend games but with 82 there has to be quite a few scheduled on weekdays. Out of the weekdays its kind of surprising that Tuesday is such a popular night for games but I'm sure the statistics have shown as such.

* Unfortunately no New Year's Eve game this season.

* 20 back to backs seems excessive. I wonder where that ranks over in the league?

* The final 7 of 8 games are against Central rivals.

* The longest road trip is 6 games from Dec 29th through Jan 9th.

* The longest home stand is 4 games from Nov 5th through Nov 7th.

* The longest break in the schedule looks to be 6 days from Jan 21 to the 27th (that may also be the All Star break).

* Oddly enough the Jackets will close out the year against Minnesota. Its a Saturday game and if the Jackets are still fighting for the playoffs that could be a memorable night at Nationwide.

* As mentioned earlier its hard not to get excited about Crosby and Ovechkin making
appearances in Natiowide this season.

* I won't miss the Wings fans an extra night at the Nat.

* October 17th will be our first live look at Huselius, Commodore, Tyutin, Torres,
Umberger and Backman in a CBJ regular season game.

* Jackets fans will have to wait until January 13th to give Adam Foote the first class treatment when the Avalanche come to town.

* Nik Zherdev and Dan Fritsche make their first appearance at Nationwide as Rangers on Friday October 24th.

* Hitch will get another crack as his former team the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday December 27th. It will also be the first time Umberger faces his former club.

* This is the first time in 3 years that the Jackets will open on the road. The last time was against Washington coming out of the lockout in 2005.

* Huselius runs into Calgary for the first time

All in all I'm pretty happy with the looks of this schedule. I think it gives the Jackets a fighting chance.

Discuss -
thoughts on the schedule? Anything in particular dissapoint or excite you?



markislander said...

You know what is going to excite me Dec 13.

Anonymous said...

too bad skybus went under!


markislander said...

why is that

markislander said...

I would like to get Vermette i know that wont happen, or even neil i know we have Boll but neil can score plus he can fight. Not sure salary wise the difference,What do you guys think.

cbsmith said...

I was just thinking the same about vermette again. I mean the guy wants 2.5-3 mil a year and that is what he is holding out for in Ottawa. Can't we make some kind of trade for this guy? Then they can sign their guys.... It would make center look a hell of a lot better for a not so huge cap hit. I don't hold out much hope though either.

That Rangers game will be great... anyway know where I can get cheap plane tickets to dallas?

Erik said...

The rumors are all surrounding, Vermette, Khabibulin and Kopitar... although it makes no sense, Khabibulin is way overpaid at 6mil+ while Kopitar is a steal for the entry level contract he has.. Vermette is decently priced if he gets paid around the 3mil mark... I doubt the CBJ are in the run for Vermette but you never know.....

Regarding leClaire it really looks like it will be wrapped up next week... if this doesn't occur look for the rumors to really start...

Schedule wise, it looks like we have a very average schedule... looks good to me....

Anonymous said...

I would also like to have Vermette, but who do you think we would have to give up? My guess is at the very least Klesla, and I am not sure that the jackets want to do that. Russell, Boll, Brassard, Voracek et al would be out of the question for me.

On one hand I do the Klesla for Vermette deal in a second, but Klesla is like a Robyn Regher-type guy for around half the price. Iginla and Arnott HATE playing against Klesla and that is a good thing.

If the jackets do this deal, I doubt it happens before the season starts. I think they will want to see where Rome/Methot/Clitsome are in their development before they feel like Klesla can be moved.

By then, however, he may be moved elsewhere but I think it is a risk Howson is going to take.

scioto slim said...

nice to see that your not over looking the return of that scumbag Foote. I hope all jackets fans will remember this ass and shower him with boos every time he comes to town. Boo 52! january can not come soon enough.

colin said...

its going to weird seeing nikki z and danny in ranger blue..

Skraut said...

* 19 back to backs seems excessive. I wonder where that ranks over in the league?

Worst in the league, though this guy claims we have 20

Neal said...

In this mornings Dispatch, Portz says we have 20 back-2-back, 3 above the league average.

LTL said...

Apparently my math is off yet again...thanks for the heads up.

..but ugh.. 20? This is great example of why we needed more "real" NHLers in our lineup so they can handle this grind.


BK said...

Bet you a hundred bucks Foote doesn't dress for the game here. He had trouble dressing for games in Denver for the first two years he was a Jacket