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Saturday, July 5, 2008


A reader (thanks Dave!) sent this pic of Mike Commodore after he won the cup with Carolina:

Fans are gonna love this guy's personality!

...and even know Filatov has got a baby face check out this pic of him from the combine (courtesy of poster on HF):

Dude is flat out ripped. I have to wonder if that thing is photoshopped.

A friend of mine also sent me an interesting stat. Jakub Voracek was the best player in the QMJHL last season in the shootout coverting on 60% of his chances.

Remember all those wins we gave up in OT and Shootouts last season? In case you don't we lost 12 games in OT which was tied for 3rd worst in the NHL. We can certainly use the help in that area because lets face it - this team is going to play a lot of close games again this season.

Huselius is also good in the shootout.



JF said...

What cheesecake photo! My girls all approve. Better complexion than Zher too.

Anonymous said...

I did some inquiring and that body is truly his! No photoshopping.

Man, he is ripped! Vavavooom!!!!!!!

markislander said...

He is ripped even know he only wheighs a buck 150 i guess he is solid enough to take a hit.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Filatov (among many Euros) does a ton of natural training. Meaning they go out into the woods, haul logs, boulders, run in sand, through the bush, etc. The become very strong as a result. Zetterburg does the same is why he is 195 lbs but plays much larger.

Anonymous said...

did we sign the lizard king from carolina??