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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Breaking down Tyutin

This is just a quick post on Fedor Tyutin and where he would have stacked up against our defensemen last year.

3rd - 5 (1st - Hainsey w/ 8)

2nd - 15 (1st - Hainsey w/ 24)

2nd - 20 (1st - Hainsey w/ 32)

3rd - 5 (1st Hedja w/ 20)

1st - 218 (2nd - Hejda w/ 148)

1st - 112 (2nd - Klesla w/ 110)

2nd - 131 (1st - Hainsey w/ 161)

1st - 41 (2nd - Hainsey w/ 33)

1st - 25 (2nd - Klesla w/ 20)

Missed Shots:
2nd - 52 (1st - Hainsey w/ 79)

Time On Ice:
4th - 20:26 (1st - Klesla 23:12)

5th - 43 (1st - Tollefsen 111)

Take a look and really analyze those stats for a second.

Tyutin would have been:

1st in Hits, Blocks, Giveaways and Takeaways on this team.

2nd in Assists, Points, Shots and Missed Shots

3rd in Goals and Plus/Minus

Obviously he needs to work on this takeaways but he is by far our most complete defensemen and he's only 24 years old.

His 218 hits were 70 more than our nearest defensemen! Combine that with Commodore (who had 144 hits of his own) and you think our defense might be a little harder to play against? You bet.

He played over 20 minutes and night and stayed out of the box with only 43 PIMS.

He's not great at anything but he is above average in everything. Exactly what we need....and he's only going to get better.



Pub said...

With how good our division is getting in the last 2 days, Howsen made a good move getting a few guys that will make you pay going into our zone. We still need some offense...but our D will at least be very hard to play against.

Matt said...

The more I get over the initial shock, the more I like this - especially the fact that he's locked in for 4 more years.

Show us what you've got on those other forwards, Howson!

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' this guy already!

One more forward and we can afford to sit back a little bit. This team is, however, already so much better than it was last year. We now have 7 d men who can play in the league--our depth guys are exactly that...depth!

Zherdev had a hard time staying out of the bars here in Columbus, imagine how he is going to be when he is anonymous in NYC!

I wish him well, but he will be in a very difficult city to keep it on the 'down low' and focus on hockey. It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

wizworm said...

Great breakdown on the stats LTL!

I really like this deal and I've been defending it on lots of websites. I see the plan Howson has and I buy into it. With all the recent moves Columbus has made (which many hate and I blame on the fact they don't "get it"), Columbus is going to be a better team next year. They're going to be more competitive, tougher and they have better depth at the forward and defensive positions which is HUGE for a team with so many needs as our own.

Don't rip Howson I say! I think the addition of Tyutin, Backman, Torres, Umberger and Commodore make us a whole lot more competive team than we were last year with Zheredev, Fritche, Brule and whoever that draft pick would have been.

Anonymous said...

wizworm my man (or woman haha) You definately get it. Kudos for you for trying to educate the masses, but beware--the 'tards don't get it and never will haha!

More depth in all positions--some upgrades in specific positions, and Zherdev out the door in itself is addition by subtraction. He was a guy who was not long for Colubmus and in the process he managed to piss his teammates off daily with his lack of effort/preparation.

We got better today, big time.

Rick said...

The Dispatch has learned the Blue Jackets are negotiating with free-agent forward Kristian Huselius, who played the past three seasons with the Flames. A deal could be struck later tonight. Huselius has scored 59 goals over the past two seasons.

In other free-agent news, the Blue Jackets appear to be out of the running for center Brendan Morrison..

We can hope, right?

Brandon said...

Oh my god Scott Howson where is our Center. All he talked about was a center a top winger and 2 d-men Now we have 3 new d-men and 2 new wingers. SOOO WHERE IS THE CENTER. Its kinda funny how Howson said all this stuff about the off season and the draft. I understand this is what the market has to offer but we need center and we have wingers like they are going out of style. This is so frustrating watching this franchise.

Anonymous said...

Brandon--RJ IS a center and we have Brassard coming up--there's two centers for ya!

We are getting better and just because the guys we have gotten aren't centers doesn't mean they won't help us.

Morrison is a center who isn't coming to Columbus--who would you like him to get and for whom?

Huselius is a playmaking winger and will gladly dish the puck to Nash. The guy scores tons of assists as well as goals.

We added SIX quality player in just a few weeks and people are still complaining? Unreal.