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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peca signed to 1 year deal

As has been speculated for a while now Michael Peca has been signed to a 1 year deal according to the Dispatch. The deal is for 1.315 million.

I fully expect Hitch to limit Peca's minutes to that 12 - 15 range and slot him in the lineup where he's most effective and that is at the 3rd line center position playing against other teams top lines. He will also help with leadership and bring a solid veteran presence to the lineup who understands HitcHockey.

In fact Peca re-signing should send a solid message to the fan base out there that he likes the direction this team is headed otherwise why come back?

Hard to argue with this move after striking out on another top 6 center. The organization will gamble that Brassard is ready (although now the Dispatch is reporting Brassard hurt his back) and that Umberger can but solid - not flashy - reliable presence down the middle.

Quick numbers update:

Nash (6.5) Umberger (3.0) Huselius (4.75)
Modin (3.5) Brassard (.850) Torres (2.4)
Murray (.600) Peca (1.315) Boll (.570)
Chimera (1.875) Malhotra (1.5) Voracek (.850)
Extra: Novotny (.800)

Commodore (4.3) Hejda (2.0)
Tyutin (2.25) Klesla (1.65)
Russell (.575) Backman (3.4)
Extra: Tollefsen (.750)

Leclaire (?)
Norrena (.900)

21 players signed for 44.335 million
Pascal Leclaire the lone notable player left to be re-signed



Neal said...

To be fair, the dispatch said a "sore back". Anyone who has trained (or attempted to train) vigorously, has likely had a "sore back"; unless this condition continues into the fall, I would not worry too much about it.

Todd G said...

161 - Goal total of this lineup from last year

193 - Goals scored by CBJ last year

At first glance this might seem like a bad stat but I believe it to be good. Things to consider.

-Obviously Vorachek had zero goals last year and Brassard only contributed 1. This is 100% sure to improve this season, hopefully significantly.

-Modin and Torres were injured for the majority of the season. If they stay healthy, their goal totals will increase.

-Nash should reach the 40+ range and possibly 50 with the added talent around him. I believe Umberger will improve on his 13 goals as well. By how many is anyones guess.

-Expect 10-15??? goals from callups and players not mentioned in the lineup on this post. Not sure about this one.

That being said, if everyone else can stay consistent (some will go up, some will go down) I believe we can hit the 230 mark. A lot of things will have to come together for this to happen but it is not a huge stretch to think it will.

The last three playoff teams in the West last year had goal totals of 229, 230, and 231 while giving up more goals than the Jackets. The Jackets have improved defensively as well so I don't see a huge dropoff from last years GA (c'mon LeClaire!!!).

I really feel we have a great shot at the playoffs this year if things start going our way for once.

These projections were hastily done so if someone wants to take a better crack at it I'd love to see it.

LTL said...

Nice post todd g. As it stands now I really think Brassard and Voracek will be the keys to our season as we will need their scoring.


Anonymous said...

Todd g-the Ducks made the playoffs in the #4 position by only scoring 12 more goals than we did.

We also gave up a boatload of points in OT and shootout losses (12 losses). Convert half of those losses into wins and that brings us to 86 points.

Consider that the team basically was an AHL team from the trade deadline and beyond and had we won even 5 more games from the deadline on we have 96 points. That's playoffs. I doubt that we get owned by the Preds the way we have been as well.

The fact that we, on paper, can move the puck better from the back end to the forwards will help in the offensive zone and on the pp.

Lots of improvements in our roster, but lots of new faces. The goal from the get-go will be to build a team. I believe that task will be somewhat less difficult without the disconnected players (Zherdev and Brule).

Nonetheless, when you turnover a third of your roster, bringing players together is a big job, but fortunately for us, that is one of the things the big man relishes in.

Todd G said...

I agree--hopefully Hitch can bring these guys together.

It's gonna be one helluva ride!!