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Thursday, July 3, 2008

6-pack of vids






Boll vs. Commodore

Okay..make it 7! This is too funny not to post:



Rick said...

You just know it's gonna be a PHYSICAL year!!! Go Jackets!!!

Anonymous said...

I got an email from a friend of mine (a Sens fan) that said: you aren't going to enjoy watching Commodore every night.

I liked him when he was a flame and I liked him as a 'Cane, but knew he wasn't great in Ottawa.

Another friend of mine told me about how much different the system in Ottawa was and that he didn't have a clearly defined role like he did in Carolina. That video basically says everything that my friend told me about.

We all know that Hitch likes to use matchups and each guy has a clearly defined role. I am really excited to have Commodore on board and watch him nail the crap out of the opposition!

I can't wait to see these beasts at camp!

Jeff E. said...

You think Boll and Commodore will kiss and make up? :-)