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Monday, July 7, 2008

More stats

Sorry for all the stats posts but its what I do :)

Tyutin's 218 hits was 5th most for a defensemen in the entire NHL. The Jackets got Orpik plus a lot more upside offensively with this guy.

Jan Hejda's 148 were 23rd best. Commodore's 144 were 24th. Klesla's 107 were 50th best. Tollefsen's 91 were 74th best but he only played 51 games.

Our d may not be the sexiest but if there is one thing its going to be its big and its physical. The key offensively will be how well Russell and Backman can run the PP and how well the entire group can make that first pass out of the zone b/c I think we are going to be an even better team defensively than we were last season.

Hueslius's 41 assists were tied for 38th best in the NHL (7th best amongst left wings). RJ Umberger's 37 assists were 53rd best (28th best among centers).

Zherdev's 35 assists were 61st best and Nash's 31 were 80th best.

With Umberger and Huselius on his line Nash is going to have someone to get him the puck.



Anonymous said...

Just to keep in the spirit of the stats package...this is for all the retards who don't think our team is improved based on our moves thus far:

What we traded away (all stats are based on last three years):


Games Played:


Total Points:

+/- total:


What we added (Huselius, Torres, Umberger):

Total Games Played:


Total Points:


Total +/-


Net gain games played:


Net gain total points:


Net gain +/-


The only real d man that we have 'lost' is Hainsey so I will compare his numbers to the additions that we have brought in:

Games Played: (Hainsey)

Total Points:


Total +/-


Games played:


Total Points:


Total +/-:


Net Gain on Defense:

Games Played:


Total Points:


+/- total:


As you can see that although some may be crying about giving up our #2 and #3 guys in goal scoring (Nik and Dan) we have definitely added scoring and dependability in both zones.

No matter how you slice it, this team is better with the additions we have made!

LTL said...

Brilliant post anonymous! I love me some stats!

Now just think what a healthy Modin could give and if we can get one of Brassard/Voracek/Filatov to break out.


Anonymous said...

I thought you might like that ltl!! Just in the last year alone the net gain in points in our forwards is +35, +16 in plus minus! We lost some games in total games played because of Torres injury (25), but in 32 games played, he managed more points that Brule did in 61.