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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Winter Classic II

A cool pic of what the Winter Classic setup at Wrigley Field in Chicago will look like:

Link to bigger pic here.

Pretty cool. Anyone planning on making the trip out since the Jackets don't play at home on New Year's Eve this season?



Todd G said...

I live in Chicago and I'm definitely going to be there if I can get a ticket. I think it's going to be a tough one to get a hold of. The CBJ attire will be in full force as well.

Skraut said...

Boy, that sure is the one time you got to a ball park and sure DON'T want to sit behind home plate. That's going to be a horrible angle.

Anonymous said...

Looking at that, the whole place seems like it is going to be a bad angle. It would still be fun to go to, but you would definitely have to record the game and watch it at home if you care to see anything.

markislander said...

I don"t like it, i mean look where it is and where the seating is there to much space unless there is going to be seating on the field might make a diffrence but then you will not see the game because of the boards.I would still love to go thoe.